Saturday, September 24, 2016

Normally you spot me on Saturdays sitting somewhere enjoying brunch and conversations with Patrick or my friends. Well last Saturday was different - opted to stay in instead.  A week ago was my Visa interview. I wanted to wait until I got the final result before sharing it to you guys but it seems impossible to do so since I am very excited about this trip! I won't go further into details about it yet but one thing I can say, I will for the first time be experiencing autumn outside Asia.
 Yaay! I hope Visa gets approved!

Since I am the type who gets overly excited about things, I started browsing online for autumn pieces: coats, leather jackets, turtle necks, boots etc. I read numerous blogs as well to score some tips on autumn-dressing and guys, 6-7 hours seemed not enough! Basically I was on my gadgets the entire day. Even Summer, my dog, kept bugging me for a walk every 30 minutes. lol

Most of us find it difficult to buy from online shops especially international since most of them only offer credit cards upon check out. I remember before when I was still in college it was almost impossible to purchase from these shops since I didn't own a card yet. But technology really does wonders nowadays that it allows people who don't have credit cards to shop online just through their phones, which by the way I am fond of doing the last months especially after I started having a regular 9-6 job. Talk about having less (or no time at all) to go malling :(

If you're wondering how.. I browsed, shopped and paid online all through PayMaya

is a secure app that lets you pay and shop online without a credit card. All you have to do is download the app for free on Google Play Store or the Apps Store etc., sign up, load up in Ministop, Seven Eleven, SM, Robinsons etc. and voila! You get a virtual card that lets you not only shop but also send money and pay bills such as Meralco, Globe, PLDT to name a few. Yep, all these just in a tap away! 

For those who live alone (like me) with no one to ask help from with errands, PayMaya really is a big help. No need to go to the mall anymore to pay bills, everything can be done through the app. And if you ran out of funds, just head to the nearest loading center and you can shop or pay all you want, anytime anywhere. Talk about real convenience!

But for those who prefer having an actual card, PayMaya offers this too. It can be used as a debit card which allows you to shop and even withdraw funds from it. Just look for a VISA logo in the machine and you're good to go! 
(refer to THIS link to get your PayMaya card)

Personally I don't have patience with tedious processes but from experience, Pay Maya was easy and uncomplicated. Why don't you try it yourself and let me know how you like it? :)

Happy Saturday guys!

Cheys ♥

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For more info about Pay Maya, you can refer to THIS blog post by PinoyAdventurista. 
Or visit Pay Maya's accounts:


Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hat: ZAFUL (my current fave online shop)
 Laptop / Tablet: HP X360

Hat: Zaful (my current fave online shop) | Bracelet: Charriol | Watch: Daniel Wellington | Top & Slip ons: Forever 21 | Boyfriend Jeans: H&M | Laptop / Tablet: HP X360

Despite being Sunday, I rolled out of bed earlier than usual to do research on new places in BGC where Patrick and I can have our Sunday brunch. It has become our tradition to have brunch on weekends-just sit down, enjoy the sunny weather whilst sipping good coffee and savoring great food. Although there are so many good brunch spots in BGC, most of them we have tried already. After 4 years of living in this area and eating out almost everyday, restaurant options can get narrower and narrower by the minute. *sobs*

I posted on my Instagram and asked help with where we could eat today. Somebody suggested Sunnies Cafe and so Patrick and I, without thinking twice, walked straight to the resto. I was also thinking it was just about time for to give it a try. It's been open for quite some time already but never got the chance to go in--blame the line. But hey, it only means it's good! AND IT WAS!
I got the granola yogurt bowl and an Americano while Patrick's were ricotta pancakes & blackberry iced tea. The menu seemed really good and we were convinced to come back and try their savory dishes. Can't wait to get my hands on the tacos!

Anyway, I hope you all had a great breakfast and/or lunch! It's Sunday and we are excused to pig out. lol 
I have good news to share to you guys but will share it when the time is right. For the mean time, another blog post will be published in the next days. Yaay! And off the record, I missed blogging :) But don't worry, I am really working my way back and this time it's going to be constant.

You can follow my daily life on  Instagram (cheyzmeister)<3 p="">

Cheys ♥

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Sorting out albums and choosing which ones to upload is probably one of the hardest things about blogging. It was only 'til last week that I was able to organize my Bali photos - 2,721 to be exact. 
"So where do I start?" The question that I have been asking myself for hours already. There's just too much to share about that 3-week vacation, which I have to say was beyond what I had expected. I knew Bali was going to be great but I was completely blown away with everything. From the villas & hotels, to the quaint little places, to the artsy shops & markets and to the amazing (and affordable) food! 

Since I have already been getting questions with where to stay, maybe it's better to start the with hotels instead. Our first nights were spent in Seminyak, then Kuta and then Ubud. We had 5 hotels in total but today's post will be highlighting Seminyak Lagoon Suites, a semi-private hotel that is tucked in the quiet area of Seminyak. 

Christine, a close friend of mine who I traveled to Bali with, just wouldn't stop talking about how great it would be to bring her special someone there! I couldn't agree more. The hotel had this romantic feel which I believe every couple out there would love to experience! Perhaps get a glass or two of wine,  stay in the deck and swim anytime you want to. But don't get me wrong, it's also great for those friends / family who prefer a little break from the hustle of Bali but still be minutes away from the scene. Unlike the other hotels we stayed in that are situated in the middle of busy streets, Seminyak Lagoon Suites was the opposite - it had this exclusive feel inside and outside. 

The bed facing the pool. Imagine waking up to this every single day! Boy was it hard to leave.

Room was nicely Interiored

our deck which also served not only as a chill spot but also an office area

Balinese coffee, local fruits, fresh juice - the staples in our daily breakfast.

wearing @HeyBabeSwim bandeau & @FetishCouture boho pants

Bikini: @seassentials | Roundee: @bondi.lifestyleph | Sunnies: @iloveflyshades

Hard to be always serious infront of the cam! #bloopers

For around 2,400 pesos a night (around $50) we were able to get the lagoon suite room that had direct access to the pool. There was also a kitchen and mini living area, perfect for those who prefer making their own food. Such a steal for everything it included right? Wait! Did I mention breakfast buffet too? Yes. And the fruits were amazing!

We loved it so much here that for a day, Christine & I decided to stay in and forget about our "To-go" list. I wouldn't say it was time wasted in our itinerary 'cause it sure was worth it - an entire afternoon and evening just spent at the pool tanning, reading a book and appreciating everything about this hotel.
(You can find Seminyak Lagoon Suites through their website and Facebook page.)

For the next posts, I will be sharing to you 2 other hotels we stayed at. Also I am currently working on a Bali guide which I can't wait to share to you guys! 

Cheys ♥

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

What I was wearing:
Dress: Triaraclothings | Sandals: Syrup Boho purse: Atmosphere

So I figured I should take a quick break from all the Europe posts and share to you an outfit I worn recently - by recent, I mean yesterday. lol I received a package from Triaraclothings a few days back and I just could not wait to show you the rompers they sent. I don't even have words to explain how happy I was with it! The fit? Perfect. The style? Great. AND it's boho, you all know how much of a fan I am with anything bohemian or gypsy. 

Patrick's training was early in the morning so we had the whole Saturday to spend for ourselves. Since we got back from Germany, we haven't really had a brunch date yet. We normally have coffee & food outside, sit, make plans and not to mention, talk about the same things over and over again. When you're together with someone for years already, you surprisingly find yourselves having the same conversation from a day or two ago. haha
We're lucky to be living in an area where everything is walking distance and yesterdays's choice of venue was Wildflour. Enjoyed our dose of caffein and calories for an hour or so and spent the rest of the day walking around High Street. Nothing quite significant, but still something special especially when it's spent with someone dear to you. Cheeseballs! lol

Anyway, I won't go longer and eat much of your Sunday. I do hope though you are having a relaxing one. 'til then lovelies! 

Cheys ♥

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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Almost a month since we left Berlin and I'm missing it already more than I have anticipated. The cold  breeze, beautiful architecture and calmness (in comparison to the Philippines) are just some of the things I 'm longing for now. Berlin compared to Amsterdam was colder by the time we visited. It was harder to walk around without wearing multiple layers of cloth, unlike in the City of Bicycles wherein having a jacket over a knitted top was enough already to survive.

These photos were taken a day after we got back from Amsterdam. But unlike the usual cold weather we had in Berlin, this day in particular was a little bearable - making it possible to be just in a dress and a winter jacket of course

What I was wearing:
Dress: Atmosphere | Boots: Forever21 Watch: Daniel Wellington

Hohenzollendamm at 3pm

Felt like Autumn

Table set-up

Spot the 2 monkeys!!

Ku'Damm at night

Friends and dark-lit rooms

Cheers to an amazing year!

Later that day, we went over the place of Patrick's friend to have a taste of typical German Christmas dinner - duck, potatoes and braised red cabbage. It was something new to me given the fact that when my friends and I gather, we usually meet, eat and have drinks outside. Like I can't recall the time when a friend made (not order) a full course meal and invited everyone over! Patrick explained that it's more common for them to gather in a friend's place for dinner and head out after, which is quite the opposite for us.  Anyway, food was really great! Wish I took a photo but I was a tad bit shy to take my camera out while everyone else was busy devouring their meals. 

After, we headed out to Monkey Bar which was in the area of Kurf├╝rstendamm (Ku'Damm as how they call it) which is the most popular shopping district of Berlin. It was a cool spot to chill with friends. The bar was at the topmost floor of 25hrs Hotel  and was enclosed by floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Imagine the view, it was superb! Music was great too. It wasn't too loud which made socializing with friends (without shouting) possible. 

It was a great night! Great food and conversations with friends, and awesome drinks with a view of Berlin-couldn't ask for more! 

Cheys ♥

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