Sunday, January 30, 2011

Im crazy bout connector rings! Ive got like 7 but these two are my favorite :) 
NOTE: These are just some of my rings. Ive got so many  that it doesn't fit in my ring box anymore :( 
Maybe i'll do one of those blog give-aways someday and give my readers some of my unused rings. Ive got plenty! haha

all photos by RAP METING

I got this LOVE knuck-offs for just $7! 


The Waling Recessionista


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Photos by RAP METING
Its was during Christmas break that i finally found time to do a Gossip Girl marathon. i felt left behind hearing my friends and cousins talk about the latest season.
I could not relate at all so i made an oath to myself not to make excuses and watch GG on my spare time.
So i did.
I have to say, the storyline didnt get me hungry for season 4. IT WAS THE WARDROBE SELECTION. Wow really GG have taken it up a notch! I fell in love with almost all the clothes Serena wore. (The rapid weight loss even got me loving her more!)

If you all remember the second episode where Serena and Blair ate brunch at this beautiful cafe in Paris, Serena was wearing this sequined blazer paired with an electric blue harem pants. This outfit was the bomb! This amazing ensemble scores ten out of ten!

I immediately got my "LOOKBOOK NOTEBOOK" and jot down the whole look. I knew then i had to wear something like this.

she was wearing a gold  Emilio Pucci blazer
with electric blue Tibi pants.

The Walking Recessionista

Aimless Wandering

Sunday, January 23, 2011

These photos were taken by RAP METING 6 months ago. i never really had the chance to upload it cause it was hidden in layers and layers of folders placed under my LOOKBOOK album. but good thing my laptop crashed (just this morning) and i had to clean and reorganize everything. 

Back then i was crazy about wearing socks (still am now). i love how unthinkably brilliant it is. seriously who invented socks worn with heels? its genius! although not everyone approves of it. maybe cause its not that wearable and its one of those for-magazine-looks only. HAHA. still, i think it looks nice.

The striped top which i wore as a cardigan was from the bazaar. a stall was selling pre-owned stuff so i saw this and never did i think twice on buying it. The dress was from Bayo. its actually a top but my body's a bit weird in a way that it transforms normal tops to dresses. haha.

I love this photo. looks like a paparazzi took it. LOL

The Walking Recessionista

Looking Sick and SEXY-fied

Thursday, January 20, 2011


My cousin and I were going thrift-hunting when she came across this beautiful abstract ripped top. She bought it and luckily never got the chance to wear it so when she cleaned her closet, i bought this top from her which she sold 4x higher than the original price. HAHA i know. 

This top reminds me so much of the Olsen twins who pretty much started the homeless & "bourgeois" look. 
I am very inspired by them and if only i were somewhere cold, i'd definitely wear this top with dark tights, Jeffrey Campbell platform heels and a thick scarf and not worry about what other people would think of me.

Sad to say my mind's not working well. I dont know what else to say and write. 
 Maybe Im just tired. Having inadequate sleep in class earlier this morning really made my head hurt so bad. And waking up finding our maids snuck out of the house bringing all their stuff with them stressed me out. REALLY. If i would have waken up 30 minutes earlier, then i would have stopped them. The thing i'm worried about is not having nobody to do the dishes or do the laundry for me but the very fact that they left without me checking their bags freaks the crap out of me.
 Im still figuring out what clothes/shoes/bags they got from me. It'll take time for me to notice, you know. Maybe in a week or so, when i will start bursting out cause my favorite top is gone or the lovely shoes which i saved up for went missing

Its disappointing how my mind's shutting down on me again. its like my freakin sewing machine. 
Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not.

Anyway, i hope you like the look!
gotta go to school! tata!

The Walking Recessionista


The Beach is My Refuge.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011
Far from doubt and apprehension, i locked and isolated my self in a place i feel the most peaceful at. I have longed to have recourse for escape and relief. I was then driven to this place, this place i consider my refuge, the BEACH.

The scorching heat of the sun piercing in my skin feels awfully satisfying. In an unexplainable thought, I feel the most safe hearing nothing but the awkward silence of the beach, feeling the coarse sand breaking in to every pore in my body and seeing the clouds covering the view of an endless horizon.

A retreat was what i needed,
to clear my mind from distraction
and ponder on things 
which the busy streets of the city can never allow.


500 Days of Summer

Monday, January 17, 2011

It was exactly a year ago when i first watched this movie. My expectations were not as high as i thought it should be, anticipating the plot would be similar to those chick flicks teenagers commonly watch.
I was very wrong.

I couldn't even summon into mind the ridiculous amount of tears I've shed watching this. You may be wondering why, thinking the movie was rather annoying (considering what summer did to tom)  than tear-worthy. But in my case, it was the opposite. 
Many thought of her as an insensitive damsel who happened to be deficient in human sensibility, overly self-absorbed and awfully  cold-hearted but in one way or another, i found reasons to fall inlove with her labyrinth-like character. Maybe it was mainly because I saw a part of myself in her. A girl who was in an unsure position, waiting for that one thing she refused to believe, happen.
Which was Love.

Im obsessed with this film that i watched it for 7x already and yet i don't plan on stopping. YES DEAR, for now.
(watched it 5x alone and 2x with company) 
and oh boy, there was never once that i did not cry.

Its my favorite.
From the artists, to the script, cinematography and especially the SOUNDTRACK.

Watch the Trailer -->

the song is currently my background music


I'm Watching

Sunday, January 16, 2011

All photos are taken by Rap Meting

I have mentioned in my previous post how much i ought to wear this cropped tee with a pair of high waist vintage shorts and combat boots. The exaggerated accessorizing of silver and black jewelry was an inspiration i got from an excessive exposure to tumblr and other fashion blogs.

I wasn't so sure about the boots though thinking it would have been better if i wore it with torn stockings and maybe a pair of black socks. Nonetheless, i do think it looks okay but i hope you like what i just put on :)

the high waist shorts used to be a pair of jeans but i tore it, did a some alterations and voila!

Yes. i do know how to use a sewing machine.
More photos to be uploaded in a little while. 

The Walking Recessionista

Be Inspired and Inspire

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hello readers, this is my messy room. 
Please bear with me for it is small, messy and extremely congested.

All photos are edited and taken my me.
obviously. haha



It was yesterday that i woke up feeling slightly unusual. I had to get up earlier than normal just to give extra time for a wardrobe selection. 

Wednesday = Wash Day
  It is the only day in the week that we, students from Ateneo de Davao University, get to give our uniforms a rest and dress ourselves up with whatever we have in our closets.
of course, bearing in mind the lengthy list of dress codes the school implies.

I felt like a rockstar, waking up to the deafening music of KESHA which our maids insensitively played out loud. Feeling inspired, I then longed to wear this cropped tee with high waist vintage shorts, black stockings, a DM's inspired leather boots and lots of silver & black accessories.

I must still have been dreaming cause there aint no way the school guards would let me in with that Kesha-inspired look. 

I changed, wore my faded jeans which i bought on sale at Mango and changed my crop tee i got from the bazaar with a boring H&M  white tee. :(
It sucks to have dress codes in schools. they should really make a law to permanently abolish such rule.
Maybe i could channel such frustration to another look on lookbook. MAYBE. I'll try to share it to you soon. 

The Walking REcessionista

Vintage Lovin'

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My second look for 2011 on LOKBOOK.NU

So if you have read my earlier post, i said that i was goin to continue blogging about this look after my 7-8pm class.

It was 6:45 when i left the house. Normally i would leave 30 minutes before but there was something highly charismatic about this look that i had to stick around extend a few more minutes waiting for the look to be uploaded. So i rushed to school with 15 precious minutes lain on my hands. i had to drive fast so i would make it for our quiz

Shit happened and i ended up parking on the side of the bridge at 7:05, waiting for my sister to come and help me with my FLAT tire. I was completely under pressure thinking i would be missing another quiz and a paper to submit. I couldnt afford any mishaps, especially when my grades are at stake. So after changing tires, i knew i had to get my freaking ass to my teacher's table and beg for her to give me a chance. 

Enough about the catastrophic incident. After taking the quiz, my mind was still stuck on one thing--the look i have recently posted on LB. I drove home fast and checked my laptop. 
I was euphoric when i saw my look posted on the HOT page of LOOKBOOK. The feeling was something i have not felt for a long time for i have been dedicating my time NOT on lookbooking but on making papers for school.
Theres just something extraordinary about this look that i couldnt help but stare at it. It was taken on Novemeber, but i was saving it for something special and kept it on my laptop for 2 months. I was not even sure what that special thing was but i just felt that today would be d-DAY. 
The day i have to share my incessant love for vintage.

I have such high hopes with this look.
I know it'll do me good.
Not sure how or when, but i just know it. Deep under.

The Walking Recessionista

A Fresh Start

Monday, January 10, 2011
I was completely bombarded with emails suggesting that i should start making my Blogspot account. I have not really thought about it until a few days back when i was fascinated with the number of fashion bloggers swimming in the sea of Blogspot. I wanted to dive in and join the race, so i made one for myself. It is the first time that i have ventured into the world of Blogging, inspite of the gradual improvement of my Tumblr account. I have spent sleepless nights dreaming and fantasizing about having my own legit blog. I wallowed in intimacy and fantasy.

I have yet to learn about the basics of this whole frenzy. It seems overwhelming. I have to start from scratch, post more interesting photos and earn the admiration of bloggers. Yes EARN their admiration which to make it sound a little less despairing, I have to IMPRESS them. Okay that sounded even more desperate.

2011 has begun and one of my New Year's resolutions was to be more spontaneous in writing/blogging. Since i have taken the very first step which was to make this account, all that's lacking is to share something worth showing.


Here is my first look for 2011 on LOOKBOOK.NU 

you can HYPE it HERE<3