500 Days of Summer

Monday, January 17, 2011

It was exactly a year ago when i first watched this movie. My expectations were not as high as i thought it should be, anticipating the plot would be similar to those chick flicks teenagers commonly watch.
I was very wrong.

I couldn't even summon into mind the ridiculous amount of tears I've shed watching this. You may be wondering why, thinking the movie was rather annoying (considering what summer did to tom)  than tear-worthy. But in my case, it was the opposite. 
Many thought of her as an insensitive damsel who happened to be deficient in human sensibility, overly self-absorbed and awfully  cold-hearted but in one way or another, i found reasons to fall inlove with her labyrinth-like character. Maybe it was mainly because I saw a part of myself in her. A girl who was in an unsure position, waiting for that one thing she refused to believe, happen.
Which was Love.

Im obsessed with this film that i watched it for 7x already and yet i don't plan on stopping. YES DEAR, for now.
(watched it 5x alone and 2x with company) 
and oh boy, there was never once that i did not cry.

Its my favorite.
From the artists, to the script, cinematography and especially the SOUNDTRACK.

Watch the Trailer -->

the song is currently my background music



  1. MOST AMAZING FILM AND SONG EVER!! :D sorry about the capitals, I just saw this post and got a tad excited lol This is one of my favourite films of all time, I love it so much! Sweet disposition is such a beautiful song!! Great post! <3

    Love Ellen

  2. Isnt it the best? everything about this film is amazing. and it only gets better and better as you keep on watching it over again. :)

  3. I love how it's a bittersweet movie and not the cliche happy-ending movie. A lot of people can relate to it.

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