Aimless Wandering

Sunday, January 23, 2011

These photos were taken by RAP METING 6 months ago. i never really had the chance to upload it cause it was hidden in layers and layers of folders placed under my LOOKBOOK album. but good thing my laptop crashed (just this morning) and i had to clean and reorganize everything. 

Back then i was crazy about wearing socks (still am now). i love how unthinkably brilliant it is. seriously who invented socks worn with heels? its genius! although not everyone approves of it. maybe cause its not that wearable and its one of those for-magazine-looks only. HAHA. still, i think it looks nice.

The striped top which i wore as a cardigan was from the bazaar. a stall was selling pre-owned stuff so i saw this and never did i think twice on buying it. The dress was from Bayo. its actually a top but my body's a bit weird in a way that it transforms normal tops to dresses. haha.

I love this photo. looks like a paparazzi took it. LOL

The Walking Recessionista


  1. such a great outfit!! Perfect legs!!! <3

  2. Love the outfit! The striped top is gorgeous, I thought it was a blazer at first :)

    Sian xx

  3. Great striped shirt !

  4. i know one of us has already commented but i just wanted to say that your outfit rocks and i love how you've worn the shirt. oh, and i love it when paparazzi shots kinda makes me feel famous LOL :)

    Mollie from

  5. TINA: my legs arent that perfect but thank you! :D

    WE ARE THE CROWD: thanks Sian & Mollie! i love your blog and now following you!


  6. We love socks and heels too! Nice! :)