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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hello readers, this is my messy room. 
Please bear with me for it is small, messy and extremely congested.

All photos are edited and taken my me.
obviously. haha



It was yesterday that i woke up feeling slightly unusual. I had to get up earlier than normal just to give extra time for a wardrobe selection. 

Wednesday = Wash Day
  It is the only day in the week that we, students from Ateneo de Davao University, get to give our uniforms a rest and dress ourselves up with whatever we have in our closets.
of course, bearing in mind the lengthy list of dress codes the school implies.

I felt like a rockstar, waking up to the deafening music of KESHA which our maids insensitively played out loud. Feeling inspired, I then longed to wear this cropped tee with high waist vintage shorts, black stockings, a DM's inspired leather boots and lots of silver & black accessories.

I must still have been dreaming cause there aint no way the school guards would let me in with that Kesha-inspired look. 

I changed, wore my faded jeans which i bought on sale at Mango and changed my crop tee i got from the bazaar with a boring H&M  white tee. :(
It sucks to have dress codes in schools. they should really make a law to permanently abolish such rule.
Maybe i could channel such frustration to another look on lookbook. MAYBE. I'll try to share it to you soon. 

The Walking REcessionista


  1. haha it's so odd i'd rather switch places with you any day. it gets kind of tiring when you have to think about what you'd wear to school everyday, as per my case :))

  2. i feel you there. i got tired of the overly conservative dress codes in our school which implies wearing the jean-shirt combo. luckily its all over now. :)

  3. CHOK: Its better that way chok. at lest you can wear anything you want. clothes get old when not worn, and uniforms are responsible for that! hahaha

    NINA: jean-shirt combo--the right phrase! catholic schools are to blame. haha

  4. You have such a great blog !

  5. i am in love with your rings! and i really want that feather-shaped necklace :)

    Mollie from

  6. thank you Mollie! i was also inspired by Oracle Fox :) Im sure you heard about her!