Thursday, January 27, 2011

Photos by RAP METING
Its was during Christmas break that i finally found time to do a Gossip Girl marathon. i felt left behind hearing my friends and cousins talk about the latest season.
I could not relate at all so i made an oath to myself not to make excuses and watch GG on my spare time.
So i did.
I have to say, the storyline didnt get me hungry for season 4. IT WAS THE WARDROBE SELECTION. Wow really GG have taken it up a notch! I fell in love with almost all the clothes Serena wore. (The rapid weight loss even got me loving her more!)

If you all remember the second episode where Serena and Blair ate brunch at this beautiful cafe in Paris, Serena was wearing this sequined blazer paired with an electric blue harem pants. This outfit was the bomb! This amazing ensemble scores ten out of ten!

I immediately got my "LOOKBOOK NOTEBOOK" and jot down the whole look. I knew then i had to wear something like this.

she was wearing a gold  Emilio Pucci blazer
with electric blue Tibi pants.

The Walking Recessionista


  1. This is a beautiful demure look. Lovely, lovely site.

    d x

  2. serena looks great and you too :)

  3. This outfit is so great !

  4. Wow where are you pants from? Love them

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