A Fresh Start

Monday, January 10, 2011
I was completely bombarded with emails suggesting that i should start making my Blogspot account. I have not really thought about it until a few days back when i was fascinated with the number of fashion bloggers swimming in the sea of Blogspot. I wanted to dive in and join the race, so i made one for myself. It is the first time that i have ventured into the world of Blogging, inspite of the gradual improvement of my Tumblr account. I have spent sleepless nights dreaming and fantasizing about having my own legit blog. I wallowed in intimacy and fantasy.

I have yet to learn about the basics of this whole frenzy. It seems overwhelming. I have to start from scratch, post more interesting photos and earn the admiration of bloggers. Yes EARN their admiration which to make it sound a little less despairing, I have to IMPRESS them. Okay that sounded even more desperate.

2011 has begun and one of my New Year's resolutions was to be more spontaneous in writing/blogging. Since i have taken the very first step which was to make this account, all that's lacking is to share something worth showing.


Here is my first look for 2011 on LOOKBOOK.NU 

you can HYPE it HERE<3


  1. I love your look :) and hair :) visit me please :D

  2. Can I just say that with your lookbook and a first outfit like this, you don't need to earn anything, I think you just deserves the respect from the other bloggers. Hope you like it, I am starting just like you and I find it so weird, yet so exciting! :)

  3. I just found you and I'm liking already...that sounded creepy. my apologies. i do like this first post. following.

  4. To Pelunia, Elodie & Belle, thank you for making me feel less stressed about this whole blogging thing. your comments fueled me to do better for my upcoming posts. thank you for following :)

  5. saw you on lookbook and i gotta say--i'm loving your blog!!!:) followed you:) welcome to blogspot!

    Love, Pax


  6. PAX: Thank you for welcoming me. I badly need an up-lifter! :)

  7. I love the mix of femininity and edginess :) And I covet your boots. I've been looking in vain for a pair like those here in the Philippines. Could you please tell me where you got them? Thanks a bunch! <3

  8. I saw you on lookbook, and i find that you looks are very nice!
    I'am french, and i'am sorry, if my english is ridiculous...

    But, BAISERS DE PARIS! ♥ :)

  9. It's so nice to see a famous bloggers first post. :) Glad you decided to start your blog. Now we get to see inspiration from your looks! Keep it up!

    Diwata of theclothesmuse.blogspot.com