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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My second look for 2011 on LOKBOOK.NU

So if you have read my earlier post, i said that i was goin to continue blogging about this look after my 7-8pm class.

It was 6:45 when i left the house. Normally i would leave 30 minutes before but there was something highly charismatic about this look that i had to stick around extend a few more minutes waiting for the look to be uploaded. So i rushed to school with 15 precious minutes lain on my hands. i had to drive fast so i would make it for our quiz

Shit happened and i ended up parking on the side of the bridge at 7:05, waiting for my sister to come and help me with my FLAT tire. I was completely under pressure thinking i would be missing another quiz and a paper to submit. I couldnt afford any mishaps, especially when my grades are at stake. So after changing tires, i knew i had to get my freaking ass to my teacher's table and beg for her to give me a chance. 

Enough about the catastrophic incident. After taking the quiz, my mind was still stuck on one thing--the look i have recently posted on LB. I drove home fast and checked my laptop. 
I was euphoric when i saw my look posted on the HOT page of LOOKBOOK. The feeling was something i have not felt for a long time for i have been dedicating my time NOT on lookbooking but on making papers for school.
Theres just something extraordinary about this look that i couldnt help but stare at it. It was taken on Novemeber, but i was saving it for something special and kept it on my laptop for 2 months. I was not even sure what that special thing was but i just felt that today would be d-DAY. 
The day i have to share my incessant love for vintage.

I have such high hopes with this look.
I know it'll do me good.
Not sure how or when, but i just know it. Deep under.

The Walking Recessionista


  1. Hello! great blog you've got!!check out my blog and if you like it follow me and i promise i'll do the same!
    kisses from pepa


  3. looove the shoes! very pretty look!

  4. just refreshed and saw your whole first I thought whoa, changing a flat tire in those?! good thing this was taken months ago. i love it!

  5. HAHA. belle that is funny! Changing tires wearing this will surely give me a hard time! :D

  6. i love your look....
    and i adore your style...

  7. OMG this is amazing:) I'm a sucker for everything vintage. waaah! inlove with your look.

    Love, Pax

  8. PAX: I started following your blog and i saw you have a lot of thrifted clothes too! I have to say im lovin your blog! :) will definitely be reading a lot of your posts.

    AMALIA: Thank you darling! :)

  9. This was a great post. School can be so stressful sometimes! When you're pressed for time, it always seems like something happens to throw you off. However, great outfit!

    Alexa @ VPV

  10. you are amazing!!:) and you amaze me more because you love vintage!

  11. ALEXA: Indeed. school stresses the hell out of me. thank you for loving my look :)

    NINA: Vintage will never be out of fashion. :)

    SWEETIEGEM: Thank you dear.

  12. i have to follow you!! amazing girl!<3
    i remember that i've hyped this look few days ago on lookbook:) you're sooo beautiful <3