Sunday, February 27, 2011

No make-up on. I look weird?
The brown bracelet was a gift from my bestfriend, Gimi. He went to Guam and got me this. He's very thoughtful!
Floral tunic top, Topshop. Partterned tights, F21. Bracelet, DIY. 

Lately , I've been obsessing with anything Indian-ish. 
 Yesterday was strangley colder than the previous day so I took the opportunity and wore tights for what was supposed to be a normal day. And by normal, I'm talking about a no-picture-taking or any of that sort kinda day. But i got carried away looking at the photos on my "Indian Luvin'" album so i brought my cam with me and decided to take a few shots.  
(This was taken at an alley in NCCC Mall near the parking lot. Ken took the photos. Pretty decent huh? haha)

 Do you like it?



All from Accessorize.

By now, you all have an idea how much i love accessories. One of my favorite stores is Accessorize. Its actually a European brand which focuses on making bohemian/gypsy items--which made me love the store so much! I even dreamed of designing for them.

My love for bohemian fashion kicked in when i first saw Vanessa from Gossip Girl. She's just so beautiful (I very much admire that Indian-American kind of beauty!) and her clothes & accessories are divine. She's either wearing paisleys, beads, sequins or fringes. Ugh, I wish I was the one wearing those!

Anyway, above are my ultimate favorites. I use these pretty much at least once a week. I know, its over-used. I just couldn't take it seeing it hanging around my closet. I have to use it, you know! haha

Which is your favorite? 



Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thought of sharing to you guys some of my owl accessories. 
(Got everything from the bazaar.)
I wish i could tell you how much each costs but i kinda forgot cause these are pretty old. haha
 Anyway, this is just a quick post. I hope you like it!


Summer's almost here

Friday, February 25, 2011

parking lot huh? :D
This would have been nice, if only it wasnt blur :(

Black athelic skirt, f21. floral top, BeBe. Lace-up booties, thrifted.

Its almost summer! Can't believe how time flies so fast. In a month, graduation's coming and it freaks me out! I never really thought of leaving the grounds of AdDU permanently, since i pretty much spent 17 years of my life there, but the thought of moving to Manila (hopefully!!) excites me. 
Mixed emotions, I say.

Some of the photos are blurred since my camera is equipped with this old 50mm lens where there is no auto focus. Worst part is, I don't know how to remove it. So my cam's stuck with that vintage lens.  

Photos taken earlier this morning, when i went to the mall to go shopping! Bought new accessories at Accessorize. will post photos soon.

Hope you like the look!


For the love of accessories

the set i used for the look. (my fave is the scorpion ring)

Here are some of the unposted photos from my "Dream Cheyser" look  posted 3 weeks ago. I just thought of sharing to you my deep love for accessories. 

I paired silver/dark gold pieces with beads and stones. Hope you like it! :) 

The red-yellow-black-green bracelet made of beads was from a local store in our city. Its abundant here since there are quite a number of native Filipinos near our area who make beaded accessories like this. They sell it for 10 PhP (30 cents in USD), pretty cheap huh? :)


A Twilight Glow

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Army green dress, f21. Black sparkly top & cross necklace, DIY. Fringe bracelet & scarf, Cat de Jesus. Black boots, thrifted.

Ive always wanted to have a retro/hippie kind of feel to my photos. Thanks to Edric Chen for making it happen!
Lately i've been obsessing with DIY's. The black top was originally a tee from ages ago which i cut and sewn last week. The necklace was something i did before. I never really got the chance to wear it but before i went to MNL, i found it accidentally in the pile of necklaces i have in my drawer. Im a bit untidy :( 
Paired the army green dress & sparkly top with textured tights and  a pair of black heavy boots. 
Like it? :)
Im thinking of posting DIYs soon. Maybe next month.


Airport Blues

Tuesday, February 22, 2011
[DIY] braided leather bracelet w/charms & feather.
Made it the night before. Took me approx an hour.
Black bow ring from F21 [a pasalubong from ken].
Got the thumb ring from the bazaar for 150 php ($3.5)
[DIY] feather necklace. 
my oversized/overused owl necklace. :D
Very addicted to this band.
The chains were originally gold, but i dint like it so i changed it to black. 
Sunglasses i got from Urban Outfitters (thanks Chokie for sending it here)

Like the dream catcher effect? :)
My brother.
We kinda have this ritual where we always have dinner at this sushi bar for  every "first night" i spend in MNL.

Friday [Feb 19]

I arrived in Manila at 4pm. My brother was supposed to pick me up at the airport but when i texted him that i just landed, he replied saying he was still having his hair done so i had to stick around and wait. Blame it to the barber, i suppose. 
Seconds turned into minutes and i was already getting really bored. Imagine me sitting in the waiting area blankly staring at the people who are impatiently (some excitedly) waiting for a family member, a relative or maybe a friend to come pick them up.
So, bored and hopeless, i got my camera and started taking photos of my stuff. The feather necklace and bracelet was made by my very own hands. I crammed the night before just to finish those. :D do you like it?
After an hour and 20 mins of waiting, my bother arrived. FINALLY. I dint get mad at him. How could i? i love him! 

I spent the weekend in Manila. It was fun and tiring (still havent recovered). My eyebags looked like it has sand in it, heavy and dark. But such quick vaca was productive! Shoot on saturday and exam on Sunday. Cant wait to move there! :)

As for the stuff i bought, will take a photo soon and post it here :)


A Gypsy Life

Monday, February 21, 2011

My favorite. The beads and stone accents intricately sewn on the bag are simply beautiful.

The necklace was made by a friend of Edric's. Wearing this makes me feel like a fairy trapped in the forest. :)

Bag from Accessorize and Mom's old crocheted cardigan
Photos:Edric Chen 
Dress: Cat de Jesus

Looking at the photos makes me reminisce how it's like growing up. The sun-burnt ground, tall grass and trees remind me so much of my hometown where i basically have spent the first 3 years of my life in, climbing trees, swimming in my lolo's fishpond and forest-trotting with my cousins every afternoon.
 But the necessity of quality education had me leaving what i so called "authentic" life  after my parents decided on sending me to Davao--at the age of 3--to go to a reputable school based on their standards. I evolved and adapted positively the city life, though i still consider myself a "probinsyana".  :)

I made up this quote and i believe it has a great effect on me:
"You should always have your feet stuck on the ground, no matter how high your hands have reached up the sky."

I have to say, this set of photos is my favorite. Its amazing how it takes me back to my childhood, 18-17 years ago.Everything just looks so serene. I miss what life was like in the province.



Friday, February 18, 2011
Photos: Wrap Meting
Make-up: Carmen Smith

MY POLIVORE (part 2)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


crystals & sequins

crystals & sequins by TheWalkingRecessionista featuring tan belts

The Walking REcessionista


Saturday, February 12, 2011
a few shots of the platform booties i got the other day! :) cant wait to wear it! <3