Sunday, February 27, 2011

All from Accessorize.

By now, you all have an idea how much i love accessories. One of my favorite stores is Accessorize. Its actually a European brand which focuses on making bohemian/gypsy items--which made me love the store so much! I even dreamed of designing for them.

My love for bohemian fashion kicked in when i first saw Vanessa from Gossip Girl. She's just so beautiful (I very much admire that Indian-American kind of beauty!) and her clothes & accessories are divine. She's either wearing paisleys, beads, sequins or fringes. Ugh, I wish I was the one wearing those!

Anyway, above are my ultimate favorites. I use these pretty much at least once a week. I know, its over-used. I just couldn't take it seeing it hanging around my closet. I have to use it, you know! haha

Which is your favorite? 



  1. The first handbag is adorable! I also like these torquise bracelets. Vanessa's style and beauty are really great ;) I think that almost everything from Gossip Girl is great :D

  2. Accessorize do amazing bags! love the first one

  3. Those accessories look so cool! My favorite one has got to be my flower ring. It's kind of gothic looking, but it still has a feminine touch to it :)

  4. Those accessories are to die for! :) :) Especially that necklace and those turquoise bracelets! I spend way to much of my income on jewelry!
    x x

  5. The beaded bag is gorgeous! I thought it was vintage. I better check out Accessorize.

  6. I looove Accessorize too.. it's hard to resist. especially their charm bracelets!

  7. where I can buy clothes bohemian style? on the Internet, please!, help me!