Airport Blues

Tuesday, February 22, 2011
[DIY] braided leather bracelet w/charms & feather.
Made it the night before. Took me approx an hour.
Black bow ring from F21 [a pasalubong from ken].
Got the thumb ring from the bazaar for 150 php ($3.5)
[DIY] feather necklace. 
my oversized/overused owl necklace. :D
Very addicted to this band.
The chains were originally gold, but i dint like it so i changed it to black. 
Sunglasses i got from Urban Outfitters (thanks Chokie for sending it here)

Like the dream catcher effect? :)
My brother.
We kinda have this ritual where we always have dinner at this sushi bar for  every "first night" i spend in MNL.

Friday [Feb 19]

I arrived in Manila at 4pm. My brother was supposed to pick me up at the airport but when i texted him that i just landed, he replied saying he was still having his hair done so i had to stick around and wait. Blame it to the barber, i suppose. 
Seconds turned into minutes and i was already getting really bored. Imagine me sitting in the waiting area blankly staring at the people who are impatiently (some excitedly) waiting for a family member, a relative or maybe a friend to come pick them up.
So, bored and hopeless, i got my camera and started taking photos of my stuff. The feather necklace and bracelet was made by my very own hands. I crammed the night before just to finish those. :D do you like it?
After an hour and 20 mins of waiting, my bother arrived. FINALLY. I dint get mad at him. How could i? i love him! 

I spent the weekend in Manila. It was fun and tiring (still havent recovered). My eyebags looked like it has sand in it, heavy and dark. But such quick vaca was productive! Shoot on saturday and exam on Sunday. Cant wait to move there! :)

As for the stuff i bought, will take a photo soon and post it here :)



  1. i have exactly the same bag as yours! :)

  2. amazing post! love these photos:)

  3. I'm in love with your bracelet and necklace!! Could you maybe do a tutorial? :) Gorgeous photos <3

    Love Ellen

  4. I really like ur bag. How did you change chains' colour? :)

  5. Thank you for these comments! I am thinking of posting a DIY soon. Im still working on it :)

    About the bag, i removed the gold chain and replaced it with the black one. :)

  6. You are really nice to your bother. I probably would've gotten pissed :P
    I really love the photos :)

  7. I loveee that bracelet, you should do a DIY on them!

  8. love your ringss!!