A Gypsy Life

Monday, February 21, 2011

My favorite. The beads and stone accents intricately sewn on the bag are simply beautiful.

The necklace was made by a friend of Edric's. Wearing this makes me feel like a fairy trapped in the forest. :)

Bag from Accessorize and Mom's old crocheted cardigan
Photos:Edric Chen 
Dress: Cat de Jesus

Looking at the photos makes me reminisce how it's like growing up. The sun-burnt ground, tall grass and trees remind me so much of my hometown where i basically have spent the first 3 years of my life in, climbing trees, swimming in my lolo's fishpond and forest-trotting with my cousins every afternoon.
 But the necessity of quality education had me leaving what i so called "authentic" life  after my parents decided on sending me to Davao--at the age of 3--to go to a reputable school based on their standards. I evolved and adapted positively the city life, though i still consider myself a "probinsyana".  :)

I made up this quote and i believe it has a great effect on me:
"You should always have your feet stuck on the ground, no matter how high your hands have reached up the sky."

I have to say, this set of photos is my favorite. Its amazing how it takes me back to my childhood, 18-17 years ago.Everything just looks so serene. I miss what life was like in the province.



  1. wow, this is just.. amazing, I love all your outfits, and you have such a great style! (:

  2. Liking the new look of your blog Cheys. :)

  3. You're so beautiful and the clothes you chose are so perfectly mixed ! Love it !


  4. great photos!! i like the quote you used too :) it's great that you still remain humble despite the many blessings, i think that's the reason why more and more blessings come your way ;)

  5. ...oh..just...beautiful.....and i'm absolutely..tranced by your bag..its..gorgeous...!!

  6. Gorgeous photos...I really like your style...lovely post and blog!

  7. I love this hippy-cross with a fairy-indian vibe! :D Gorgeous! The bead detailing is lovely.

  8. That necklace is so cute!!!love it!:)

  9. Thank you for the great response! Im happy you like my "new look". will keep posting to inspire you guys more! :) XX

  10. you are so beautiful and I love your style :D

  11. amazing! love entire look, but the bag is just beautiful!

  12. beautiful gypsy!

    this outfit is perfect for frolicking through a field!


  13. Just came accross your blog through Lookbook. Will definately start following...

    You accessorize beautifully!

    Hello from Mexico/London



  14. I love that purse it's beautiful. I love this set (although I love all your sets). You are naturally beautiful (:

  15. You look GORGEOUS. I love what your wearing, white never fails :)


  16. Amazing photos, you are gorgeous girl! :)


  17. cheys! <3 i super love this look! the bag, the floral necklace and i LOOOOOVE that last picture. you look so innocent. hahaha =) i hope when you move here and become famous, you wouldnt forget about me hahahahaha

    more blessings your way! you deserve it! love-love! :)

  18. Wow, what a great blog!
    Like your pictures so much!

  19. this is just beautiful. you look so amazing!!!

  20. My fave post by far. =) Keep reaching for the skies...your creativity and humility will take you there. =)