Casual Wednesday

Saturday, March 5, 2011

White pants, Mango. Cropped tee, Betty Boop.

This is what I wore to school last Wednesday. It's uber casual since students are not  allowed to go inside the campus wearing micro shorts, sleeveless or see-through  tights and tops. Anything that has the word mini and see-through attached to it is prohibited. Yes, prohibited
It's hard to be fashionable in a Catholic School. In my case that is.

 There's nothing really unusual that happened on such day which i could blog about, only that I submitted 3 papers and took a 6-page exam that was good for an hour. It was excruciating! Only had 3 hours of sleep and it felt like I was floating while seated in my chair, holding a pen which my hand couldn't even initiate to move! 
I even dreamed of running free-spiritedly in a prairie, French to be exact, while taking the exam. Or at least I thought so.
 For Pete's sake I was able to pass everything. This was one hell of a week! Can't wait for the next to come so I could do some DIY's and blog more.

Hope you like the outfit! :)



  1. Lovely outfit! Love your rings especially!

  2. Simple and sexy ! Love it !

  3. I love this outfit! It's very casual, yet stylish. Your bag and rings are really cool. I have that owl ring, but in gold.
    Well, even though you said it's hard being fashionable in a Catholic school, I still think you managed to dress stylishly without breaking the rules. Nice!

  4. You have amazing style! I love that this outfit gives off a chill vibe.


  5. Love this look! You have great style doll!! Fanned you on lookbook too :)
    B xx

  6. wow! I like your style! <3 im a new follower.. and definitely gonna visit again <3

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