Cult Logic

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This is my favorite among all.
 Gypsy bangles: Accessorize. 
Feather necklace: DIY. 
Skirt & top: Cat de Jesus

Photos by  Edric Chen

Hippie is one of the most creative styles I have ever seen. This outfit reminds me so much of the late 60's and early 70's. Not to say, the peaceful and distinct cult vibe to it.  
I just hope one day, we all could relive it. Even just for a day or two.

 I have always wanted to try wearing maxis after seeing one of my fave bloggers, Andy Torres, wear it on almost all of her recent posts. I thought I wasn't tall enough to do justice to the creator of long skirts, whoever you are. Nonetheless, I think it looked pretty cool. 

With everything that has been happening in Japan, 
I think we all should take some time to pause and send our prayers to the people who've been hurt and deeply lost.


  1. You look beautiful as always! Love these pictures. and the skirt looks so amazing on you.

  2. I found you on Lookbook. I am impressed with the styling. The 70 is one of my most beloved trends. You look adorable here. Welcome to our website where you can also see the styling of the '70s.

  3. Jony & life full of colors: Thank you! I checked you blogs and it is amazing!! I love the hippies fashion!

  4. I like your feathered necklace Cheys! ;D
    I really admire you for your creativity. ;)

  5. These pictures nearly look too beautiful to be shown...!!!The colours are amazing, the clothes amazing too and you look gorgeous as always !

  6. Amazing outfit! That skirt is incredible and you always accessorize so well!

  7. wow amazing outfit and photos ♥

  8. i'm in love with the skirt! i saw something similar on Lookbook! you pulled it off naman! :)
    btw, cause i spend little time online, yours is the only fashion blog i get to check ;)