DIY necklace

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This is how it looks like. Like the vintage feel to the photo?

Okay, so this is my first ever DIY post! I've had numerous questions about my feather necklace and suggestions on doing a tutorial so i thought why not? I'll try my best to explain step by step though, but bear with me for I am a newbie. Alright?  

What you need are the ff:
1. Pliers & scissors
2. Feathers
3. Pendants
I chose a dragonfly, cross and 2 saber teeth like pendants
4. Oxford cord 
(you can use any cord of your choice)
5. small o-rings
(The one I used to attach the pendants to the hoops. See 1st photo)
6. Stainless steel wire
(Only for making stoneage-like pendants. Sorry I haven't included the photo.)

1. Find a clean and big workplace
It's important to work somewhere roomy. One that lets you maneuver freely.
2.Prepare all the materials and lay it out neatly(see photo 3)
3. Measure how long/short you want the the necklace and cut the cord accordingly
I used a mixture of brown oxford cord (8 in) and chain (17 in). It depends really on your preference but make sure the length is enough for your necklace to fit your head.
4. Attach the cord to the hoop and make a knot (see photo 2)
You can also put 2 silver balls to each side of the cord. See how i did it on the last photo.
5. Attach the pendants including the feathers using the o-rings.
In order to get the uneven effect, i attached chains to some of the pendants.

There you have it! As easy as one, two, three.



  1. How adorable. I'm gonna have to try it. Great tutorial.

  2. i love your blog babe!your style has spunk and i love it!:)

  3. lovely!

    it's all about making your own jewellery!


  4. I love DIY things!I think they reflects the real style in ourselves!!Love ur creations:)

    pass by