Little Black Dress

Sunday, March 13, 2011


This pose was inspired by Olivia H.'s look;

Will make a DIY post on this! 

Feather necklace experiment

Black dress, F21. Feather necklaces, DIY. Studded boots, DIY. Sequined elephant bag, Bangkok.

My sense of style has always been bipolar. Sometimes I feel like going with what's mainstream and at times I dare to be unconventional. Just try to compare this look with the previous one. The  necklace (last photo) was something I made a few weeks ago. I saw this bundle of feathers in a random store and thought it was lovely so I bought it (85 php or about $2) and searched the internet for some inspirations. I liked how the the silver, brown and white shades gave details and spark to the simplicity of my little black dress.
 The bag is from the night market in Bangkok. The sequins and patterns are very beautiful. Elephants are common there but in the Philippines, the closest we could get to having one is through Thai souvenirs. 

This outfit was inspired again by local/native fashion but I ought to give it a little twist by choosing black instead of the traditional white which Indians usually wear with these types of accessories. 
Hope you like it!



  1. cheyser,where did you buy those feathers?

  2. so gorgeous!!! i love your blog!!! i am a FAN! :)


  3. Absolutely stunning!

  4. I want a bag like that! I like this outfit a lot :)

  5. love the dress!! Looks great on you.

  6. You look wild, really beautiful ! Love the feather necklace !

  7. Love it! That necklace is amazing.

  8. we have the same bag! :) your feather necklace is beautiful! please share your diy. where's you buy them? :)

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  9. great outfit! dress+boots great combination!

  10. I have posted DIY on both the necklace and boots. Thank you for the lovely comments! :)

  11. the shoes are so fucking great!
    i'll follow you and i hope you will do it too.. :)

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  12. Hi! I love your blog!! Where did you buy the feathers? :)