Streak of Lights

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Silk button down, Ann Taylor. Crocheted hat, Cat de Jesus
Photos taken by  Edric Chen

It has been 4 days exactly since I last posted a look on Lookbook. Unfortunate things happen to people and in my case, my Adobe Photoshop crashed. Uugh. Its hard not being able to edit photos and compile them a la lookbook style. (How did i come up with that phrase?!) Good thing I had another editor installed in my computer, but too bad i only found out this morning. Maybe i need to explore more. Computers are way too complicated these days.
 I missed hearing your voices and comments. 4 days without an outfit post made me realize how much catching up I have to do!  I gotta edit a bunch of photos before this editor comes crashing too. Crossing my fingers! 
I was wearing pink tights in this outfit, its not that evident though  'cause it looks a bit..plumish? I just have this fear of colored tights and its hard for me to wear them cause I totally do not believe I'm able to pull it off. The last time I wore one was when my friends and I went ice skating. I was wearing green then, in opaque. Even worse huh?
But the pink tights  looked pretty nice in the photos. I have Edric to thank this for.  I think i might consider wearing them more often in my posts. Maybe in every single outfit. In every shade there is. Kidding! haha
 The tights was Cat's by the way. (Thanks Cat!)

I hope you like it!
 The streak of lights is spectacular! I feel like Hermione in Harry Potter. 



  1. Lovely photos! Love the effect on them.
    I LOVE those shorts im concidering getting some for myself!

  2. Can I just say I LOVE your style <3

  3. so cute! I especially love how you can layer accessories so well!

  4. You are soo cute! I love your posts! You have such great style!!

    I live in the Philippines too. Hope to see you around if you visit Manila. :)


  5. Great photos...lovely look...beautiful post!

  6. i love the boho-hip chick feel i get from your style. it's very relaxing. :)

  7. hey dear, love your blog. tagged you in this award :)
    ♥, ace

  8. Cute style! ^^ I just became a fan recently when I saw your LB. I think you can pull of any colored tights, I don't think you have to worry.

  9. Aww just read your comments and thank you! <3