Vintage Finds?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

This is how I look like when i wake up. I always run out of time have time to fix my face. Again and again. 

It was Saturday and I woke up with a cold weather, thank goodness! I had an hour left in my hands to drag myself to the bathroom and raid my closet to find something decent to wear. Luckily I saw this ruffled top, which reminds me of Blair from Gossip Girl by the way, hanging on my door knob (i dont exactly remember how it got there). So with no more time left to choose and select, I wore it with a long cami and tights. 

The night before, my classmates and I were at this bazaar for some school work. We're all entrepreneurship students so selling in bazaars happened to be normal for us, not to say the stressful and restless weekends! Take a look at my the last photo and you'll see how stressed my face looks. But like they say, it cannot be all just work, there'll be always room for fun. And by fun I'm talking about second hand items, vintage finds and accessories all in this bazaar! It can't get any better than that, can it? Most of my thrift finds came there and this pair of glitter pumps was only for 350 PhP and the vintage bag for 300 . For my Davao readers you should go to MTS more often. You'll be surprised how cheap all the items there are! 

Anyway, i thought of posting a look with my 2 of my recent thrift finds from the bazaar. I hope you like it! :)

By the way, I've been trying this film effect in Adobe Photoshop and It's pretty hard. I've spent sleepless nights reading tutorials and demos just to get it right. Sad. Perhaps I really should get myself a vintage film camera.

For some reason, Lookbook's site is down and I cannot upload this look. Maybe tomorrow.



  1. Hi Cheys! You might want to try using photoscape if you want a vintage effect. It's much easier. Photoscape can be downloaded free in the web. Once you've downloaded, you can go to the editor, then home, then filter. In the filter, you can use the film effect and vignetting to achieve the vintage effect. Btw, do u know a site where I can download adobe photoshop?

  2. I just fanned you on lookbook. Your looks are so awesome!! keep on bringing the pretty outfits!

  3. awesome photos! great pumps..perfect legs:)

  4. You really have a great sense of style. I never thought there are Pinays from the south, in this case Davao, are really into Fashion.
    Keep on blogging cause you go girl!

  5. Beautiful grey pieces ! The bag is gorgeous !

  6. Thanks for the help! :) and for these comments! XX

  7. just stumbled upon your blog! now following!! you look great even in the mornings! haha

  8. Thanks Miss Donata! I think we both have a friend in common. Ate kelly? :)

  9. you are absolutely now my favorite blogger in Mindanao...I just can't believe I was not able to find you....thanks to Kristine for introducing me to another blogger!!!


  10. I love this outfit! and most definitely the shoes!! and I agree with Miss Donata, you look amazing when you first wake up. I would never do a photoshoot early in the am! :)



  11. I adore those amazing shoes!