Just Arrived

Thursday, April 28, 2011

When I arrived in Davao 2 weeks ago, I was delightfuly greeted by 3 packages. One from wholesale-dress.net, Christen and F21 which I ordered online and my BFF Gimi brought home after his 2-week a la Americano vacation.
I was like a kid impatiently opening the boxes. My eyes grew big--like I've seen a boxful of 3 musketeers--as I unwrapped the presents. I melted when I saw the fringe bag and patent platforms! I couldn't be more thankful to wholesale-dress.net for giving it to me. Yes It's for free.
Second package was the set of customized cards a friend Christen made and sent all the way from Alabama. I waited for days to get my hands on it!
Last was the stuff I ordered online and the presents Gimi gave me. It's always good to have a guy BFF who knows exactly what you want! Imagine, he bought a paper bag full of pasalubong! My fave? The I ♥ NY shirt. Damn I forgot to take a photo! And the other items too!
Wish I could bring up the sun again and lay everyting on my bed and take a snapshot. Oh well.. There's always a next time, isn't there?

I hope you all had a great day! Life's too short to be wasted on negative vibes. Okay, that was very random. :D


Nothing Special

Sunday, April 24, 2011

carefree ♥

Happy Easter everyone! :)
This look is not even a tad bit different from casual, so I entitled it Nothing Special. But I hope you like it!

The lovely fringe bag is a present from Wholesale-dress.net. (Will blog about itthis week!)


Color Blocking

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My favorite color: Turquoise.

ring from F21

Yellow top & ring: F21
skirt: our store
Shoes: SM dep
Bag: Thrifted (MTS Bazaar)
Blazer: Random brand

FINALLY! After a 2-week hiatus, TWR is back! :D
I'm so stoked to share to you this look. It's fun and bubbly and i think i'm liking it more than "The Dream Cheyser" look. What do you think?

I've been channeling more on my "girly" side for quite a while now--posting looks without any rocker/boho touch to it. Blame it to the pile of pastel-colored skirts randomly arranged in my closet which I ran into after segregating the clothes I would be giving away and those that I'd be bringing to Manila with me (Excited to move!). I haven't worn maybe half of it though. I even saw some skirts which I don't remember buying at all! (I think this happens to all of us) I should really put an end to this "impulsive buying" disorder I have. Ugh.

  Color blocking became so popular that I couldn't resist but make my own version. I stuck to soft pastel tones but chose a turquoise (my fave color) necklace to add something flashy to the whole look.
I hope you like my ensemble!:)


Like My Shoes?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Got the necklace at a local bead market in Davao. Its less than a hundred pesos :D

size: 6
color: black
cloth: suede
price: 1500 php
Never worn, only today for the outfit post :D

This was an unplanned shoot. Thanks to Ken for being patient enough to stand under the heat of the sun and bend, kneel, squat and trip just to take these. haha! I don't usually wear sunglasses during outfit shoots but I have sore eyes and i look crappy (small reddish eyes, chubby cheeks and bad hair). I don't have any make up on so again, bear with me. 

Yesterday I went to Gimi's (my bff) house to get the items i ordered from f21. He went to the states for a vacation so what better way to take advantage of it than to shop for american brands online, right? Oh which is the reason why I'm a bit broke by the way.

I ordered the shoes in size US 6. I'm usually 7 but I dont know what got into my mind or what I ate that day that I decided to buy a size smaller. (now pounding my head on the table *sobs*). So to cut to the chase, I'm selling it for 1500. When I went to F21 Makati, 4 days ago, it was sold for 1500-1600 i think. :D

twitter: HERE
I'll message the details afterwards.


Marilyn Monroe Top

Sunday, April 10, 2011