Color Blocking

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My favorite color: Turquoise.

ring from F21

Yellow top & ring: F21
skirt: our store
Shoes: SM dep
Bag: Thrifted (MTS Bazaar)
Blazer: Random brand

FINALLY! After a 2-week hiatus, TWR is back! :D
I'm so stoked to share to you this look. It's fun and bubbly and i think i'm liking it more than "The Dream Cheyser" look. What do you think?

I've been channeling more on my "girly" side for quite a while now--posting looks without any rocker/boho touch to it. Blame it to the pile of pastel-colored skirts randomly arranged in my closet which I ran into after segregating the clothes I would be giving away and those that I'd be bringing to Manila with me (Excited to move!). I haven't worn maybe half of it though. I even saw some skirts which I don't remember buying at all! (I think this happens to all of us) I should really put an end to this "impulsive buying" disorder I have. Ugh.

  Color blocking became so popular that I couldn't resist but make my own version. I stuck to soft pastel tones but chose a turquoise (my fave color) necklace to add something flashy to the whole look.
I hope you like my ensemble!:)



  1. I love this outfit...and the shoes are wonderfull.. :))


  2. Those shoes are to die for! You make colour blocking seem so easy! <3

    Love Ellen

  3. I love the whole outfit esp the shoes. ♥

  4. I love the bag!:) I wish I can do "color blocking" too but I'm scared, what if it's not bagay to me!

  5. You shouldnt be scared of color blocking! its easy :) you just have to find colors that go well when mixed.

    Thank you for the comments! XX

  6. Wow. This is definitely different than your usual outfit. I love it!

  7. I'll try!!! :) I'm inspired to do it because of you. :)

  8. Wow what a look! it really suits you well!

  9. I love your way of colourblocking! It's be-au-ti-ful! :O

  10. Amazing color blocking! Love the colors!

  11. color blocking ftw!
    and every blogger must have a pink skirt!!

  12. Gorgeous ! One of my favorite spring outfit seen on the blogosphere !

  13. You look amazing! Although I don`t really like fluorescent colours, this makes me wanna change my mind. Love how you neutralized colours with grey!

  14. thois outfit is cuteee! love

  15. LOVE all of ur outfits ♥
    And ur skirt is amazing :)

  16. you shouldntbe afraid of trying this! :) It's fun! Thank you lovelies for yourgreat responses XX

  17. looks very cute and chic! i love every color in this outfit, very springy :) im definitely following :)

    please check out my blog!

  18. oh wow, it seems i'm so behind the trend now...all bloggers have tried color blocking..i need to catch up! haha! <3

    anyway, you did yours so and yellow always go so well.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  19. I am obsessed with this look and now your blog. SO cute! now following :)
    hugs, Alexandra

  20. I'm always too scared of colour blocking but you do it so effortlessly and beautifully! great post!

  21. (my fave color is turquoise as well! you might have known that already though...)

    This look is so cute! I've stayed away from colorblocking trend since I've disliked most of the interpretations on the trend...but you did it so wonderfully here. Hot pink, yellow, peach and turquoise...making a mental note here...

  22. gorgeous colors, i love the skirt with that blazer!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  23. Great post, you have written it well and your own stuff is really nice! Keep it up :-)
    -Dealies Philippines

  24. I love this look. People will usually use two colors, three at most, but you went all out and it totally works.


  25. You are so pretty and I love colour blocking!

    I tried it with nails :)