Wednesday Addams

Sunday, May 8, 2011

pardon my DEFAULT face. My rabbit teeth never fail to show themselves.

photos by Rap Meting
Bag: H&M
Ring: F21
Skirt: DIY

This look reminds me so much of Wednesday from the Addams Family!

I was cleaning my closet when I saw this 70s dress that I stole from my mom. I don't usually tell her the things I get from her closet cause she kinda has this separation anxiety for anything old and sentimental that she owns. But please, don't judge. Vintage is the only thing I'm fond of stealing, only from her of course. haha! 
I got my scissors, worked the magic and came up with the maxi skirt. It's not yet done though. I have yet to sew the zipper and inseam, which is impossible for I left my sewing machine in Davao. Great.

 I paired it with a polka dot corset, a beige belt and a plain white blazer to keep the simplicity flowing. But i thought of giving the look a lil oomph and the leopard bag and brown hat did the exact thing!
How do you find it? :)

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  1. You look so pretty in the photos! Haha, I also steal from my mum (shh!!)

  2. Gorgeous outfit ! Maxi skirt is great on you and your accessories are beautiful !

  3. cute outfit! your bag is so cute!

  4. This look is so gorgeous!! Love your maxi and hat.

  5. I love that whole outfit!!!