ACHS 99 Scholarship Program

Friday, June 24, 2011
ACHS 99 Scholarship Program

How far would you go to help send a kid to school?

Assumption College High School batch 99 (ACHS 99) came up with a brilliant idea of helping as many students they can to finish high school. Its mission is "To provide education that is values-centered and academically sound to as many High School children as possible, regardless of gender, religion, or ethnic background."

With the amount of 3,500 pesos, you can send a kid to school for an entire year. Just think how such a amount easily slips in our hands, especially with all these irresistible material things surrounding us! So if you try to pause and ponder how that 3,500 could already bring smiles to a child's face, you'd come to think that with such expense you are able to change someone else's life, all the more lead him or her to a brighter and more fruitful path!

What is 3,500 if you can help bring a person happiness that lasts for a lifetime?

If you are interested, you can browse these blogs to read more about the ACHS 99 Scholarship Fund:

Thank you! :)


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