Saturday, August 27, 2011

Orange Shorts: ROMWE
(ROMWE is one of my favorite online shops.
 Not only do they have great items but they ship free worldwide!)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Photos by Elisa Aquino
Make up by Thea de Rivera

As everyone spends the long weekend out of town with family or friends, I stay home blogging and accomplishing everything there is written down on my to-do list. I've only got a few days left before I head back to my dear hometown, Davao. Can't wait to be reunited with family and friends! 
Enough about that. Lets get down to business and talk about the outfit. Well this is something I wore for STACHE, a virtual magazine. The issue is posted at the end of this blog post (turn to page 62). I arrived a bit late for the shoot even if I was rushing to the location after my class. It's just so hard juggle time when you're studying especially in this city where everything is an hour or so away! 
The sun set as we finished with the make-up so we had to scout for a place with good lighting. What better place could provide this than a 24/7 convenience store such as Ministop? So yeah. As crazy as it may seem, i stood, smiled, pouted, modeled and posed inside. Everyone was looking but I didn't mind. It was worth the shame. Great thing I had Elisa and Thea with me to at least make it a lil less embarrassing. haha!
 Everything seemed loud and psychedelic in this ensemble. The electric blue & orange gave a mind-altering feel to the outfit, plus the leopard top and shoes! I opted for a look that differs from my usual warm-colored/dull ones. I wanted something bold and bright and  voila! This combo came across my mind. Thanks to my yaya who saw and suggested the blue jacket! 
Do you like it? :)


  1. Great look! you know how to mix two leopard print! Amazing!

  2. Hi (: I really love your blog , your blog is amazing , I have a question :c I'm not so tall I'm just 5'1'' and I really want to wear a maxi skirt as you , how tall are you? xx

  3. niceeeee

    loved the blue with the shorts

  4. gorgeousness!!!! love the animal prints especially the campbell shoes! you are very pretty! :D

  5. Love the colours!! :))


  6. Beautiful ;)

    STreet DIary: Adil's Jurassic Shoes

  7. You look gorgeous, I love this colors together!

  8. You're hair is just gorgeous. I love it!

  9. Of course I like it!!!! Is that really a question?

    As always you look gorg. I am sorry I havnt mentioned anything in a month about your post but letting you know I have been here! Just no working comment box (in Russia)


    Zoe Gabrielle

  10. Oh god you are STUNNING! Amazing look, love love love!

    xx Paula || intergalactic radio station

  11. Amazing pics ! Love the leopard touch ! You look fantastic !

  12. I'm just stumbled across your blog. You have amazing personal style!

  13. COOL ! !
    Very love your leopard shoes and top <3

  14. Gorgeous look! I love just everything about that!


  15. Thank you everyone who commented on this post! I am glad you like this oud ensemble <3

  16. I love your look ! Those orange shorts are to die for ! Ths many colours combination is great !

    Congratulations on your feature !

    Come visit,


  17. you look gorgeous! your blog is lovely!

    xo, AiRene

  18. You should also check out, they also ship worldwide for free and have GREAT items. Love your outfit btw, especially those shoes. xx

  19. Where did you get your top and blazer? Totally crushing on it=)