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Friday, September 30, 2011

Watch the BTS Video:

video: Bagane Fiola
Photos: Wrap Meting

I have once thought how would it be like living a charmed life. Magic, allure, dazzle and enchantment all stirred in one perfect moment without premeditation and delay. "Lovely" I told myself.
  Motivation, passion and zeal  (when mixed together) make the perfect potion to an enchanted life. I am a quarter away from finishing my quest and one thing I have learned throughout the journey is to be determined and focused. Everyone's entitled to reaching their goals. Dreams and aspirations are actually achievable. You just have to have the right elements and know what spells to make from it.

As I walked my way to the castle of dreams, I came across the path of SOUL. They helped enlighten the way to the fortress. I wandered and strolled with them for a week or so. It was one experience I will forever love and treasure dearly. 

Posted are the BTS photos and videos of the project I have been doing for SOUL. I still find it odd weeing myself in motion. I kept on laughing as I try to to digest the fact that I was watching my self move, laugh and pose! haha
 To my Davaoena readers, watch out for something exciting coming out next week in Davao! :)


Wednesday, September 28, 2011
You probably have been reading in my past posts a lil something about my online shopping spree at Multiply. I had the whole afternoon today so I've decided to take photos of the items that are yet to be hung in my closet! :)

I also thought of giving you a quick preview of how I managed to find these items on MultiplyJust refer to the photos.


1. I opened the Marketplace and searched for SHEER TOP.

2. Clicked BUY NOW to add to Cart and proceeded to CHECKOUT after.

3. Paid thru GCASH and transaction completed! :) Got the items a day after.

Easy isn't it? 
To help you save time searching for good sellers on Multiply, here's a list of the merchants I always check:




Try it yourself! and let me know how did your shopping experience at Multiply go. I'd like to know.
Hope this post helped :)
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(That's how I landed most of my Recessionista finds)



Monday, September 26, 2011

Bag & white-orange bangles: SOUL
Skirt: The CLoset Boutique
Shoes: Chick Flick

In my past posts (if you read it) I have been talking about shopping online. As someone swamped with things to do, spending 4-5 crucial hours going to every store just choosing and drowning in wide selections of clothing is tremendously time-consuming. Don't get me wrong. I still love going to malls to shop at boutiques but being a student and a blogger who spends most of her time in front of the computer makes it highly unfeasible. Though I still find time to make it happen :D 
With the limited time lain on my hands, I often result to shopping at home. Multiply is one good site where I  frequently search and buy. They have a wide-array of items from fashion, cosmetics to cameras and laptops! What's good is that they follow this new purchasing system (carts and check-outs) and provide buyer protection which basically gives us consumers money-back guarantee given we become victims of fraud and deceit. Spell A-Some! :)

In this outfit, I am wearing the items I recently bought online.   They fit me perfectly even if I didn't get the chance to try it on first before purchasing. I also linked the sites just in case you thought of buying a piece or two (you can even shop my entire look haha).  I observed how sunny the colors were so I entitled it sun kissed. Plus I just came from Davao and my tan is luckily not yet fading. 

Do you like the look? :)
By the way, my friend Christine took the photos. She isnt a pro (neither am I a great photoshop editor) but teamwork does make wonders! 



Sunday, September 25, 2011

Statement Tee: Brashy Couture
Shoes: Chick Flick
Accessories: Mia Casa
Photos by Rap Meting

Its Sunday and photos and scheduled blog posts are waiting to be started and finished. So this is going to be one real quick post. I apologize. Please bear with me.
This tee is from Brashy Couture, a swedish online clothing store that centralizes on statement tees and bags. I ought to wear it with distressed tights but I had to visit my old school and wearing anything see-thru for them equates to throwing erasers or papers to your old tedious professor. Intense huh? Yeah Jesuit schools have the most stringent dress codes. Break anything just not that. Anyway, where were we? Oh. Tights. Yes. So I wore the statement tee with this dull opaque tights and paired it with shoes & accessories I got onlinat Multiply.com to keep me from looking like a die-hard Greenday fan--one who excessively wears black-white.
All I needed was an eyeliner or two, to pull off the dark enigmatic aura. Anybody pls hand 'em to me while its not too late? haha 
Anyway, got to work on the next blog post! Hafta go. Now rushing! Have a great evening lovelies! :)



Friday, September 23, 2011

Lace dress: ROMWE
shoes: Gift from my brother 
Photos by: Rap Meting

A simple outfit worn for a dinner party a few weeks back. Embellished the unadorned lace dress with a gold necklace (too bad I lost it) and bag gotten from the bazaar.
Oh have I told you? The site where I got this dress ships everywhere for FREE!

It's Friday and it only means one thing--time to de-stress and be with friends! Which by the way reminds me I better get ready for UP Ad Hoc's RENEGADE tonight! Its the first time to I get to be an ambassador of an event. Stoked and proud. :D

Have a Friday full of memories you guys! 
I'll be bringing my camera to show you how this night turns out :)


Davao Diary

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The rain's unceasingly pouring as I get my blogging hormones flowing all over my dog-tired body. My flight back to Manila is scheduled tonight and I badly wish I had a magical clock with me to stop time or transform minutes to hours. (That'll make my 4 remaining hours turn 240, which would then give me exactly 10 more days in Davao.) Math geek much, eh?
In addition to the dramatic rainfall, thunder and lightning, the music playing on iTunes makes this lonesome sundown more melodramatic. Adele, Kate Nash, Snow Patrol and The XX. Need I say more?

There I said it. In bold, large font and capitalized letters. But flight's already booked, parents and sister already prepared mentally and emotionally, friends' pasalubongs readily packed and loved ones' goodbye messages received and well-appreciated. Everyone seemed ready except me, my luggage and the weather. Hard but its part of the life I chose. (Now feeling like a cry baby wanting her old pampered and comfortable life back.) Seriously, this must be the hardest time I'd be leaving this place. Insert sad crying face over here.

My 3-week vacation has finally come to and end. A whole new life awaits me in Manila. New school--transferring from CSB to PSID to take my majors--new friends and new place to stay. Feels like Im starting back to zero. It was only a few months then when I was in the same situation and now I am in an identical  one again. Sigh. My stay, albeit wearying and taxing, was productive and fruitful. Completed all styling and shoots for SOUL (Will be doing a separate posts about this! Excited to show you guys!), shopped online, blogged whatever I had to (still have a load left), reconnected with old friends, spent time with family, reunited with my barkada, took photos of fashionable people in Davao for my NEW BLOG--you heard it right NEW BLOG--and perceived how its like to be a Davaoena again.

The photos are a summary of my vacation. Places I went to, things I did and food I ate. Gained 2 kgs from it. Just saying. Haha oh crap! But here's a rundown in plum-colored, arial-fonted and bulleted words.

x Coffee cat | Green tea YOGO with my name incorrectly spelled
x Sardines pasta (cooked it myself)
x Bigby's
x Ken's phone | sunglasses & mine
x My barkada since 1st yr High School
x Wings & Dips
x Moon Cafe
x Beach (Samal Island)
x Havaianas Event (cocktails were heavenly)
x Brewery (Goldschlager shot w/vodka sprite as chaser. HARSH)
x BO's Coffee
x Starr

Everything was taken by moi except for the photos with myself in it. Well duh. Cheys seriously? Okay done talking to myself. haha
I will unquestionably miss my hometown and the people in it. I shall come back in a few months! For now, I have an open luggage left in my room waiting to be filled and zipped and a flight to ready to be missed, I mean caught! 
Have a great night everyone!

Cheyser :)

Shopping at Home (Multiply.com)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Since I stepped foot in Davao, I barely had time to go around the mall and bazaars to shop. As much as I wanted to go in and out to every boutique I passed by and get my hands on those recessionista finds, my hectic schedule didn't make it possible. Can't believe Im talking like a 30-year old career woman now. Complaining bout how restless  and busy her everyday life is! haha  But no kid. I barely had time to rest or laze around like what I used to do. 

So this week I had a day-off from my blogging duties and settled with shopping at home. It was 1pm when I started browsing for items and in an hour and a half, I successfully completed everything! Searching and paying processes included. IKR? It felt triumphant. Like winning a battle between the right amount of time that SHOULD be allotted for shopping (guys' point of view) and the time us girls overspend just settling on what to buy. It's a never ending argument. War between Mars and Venus that is.

Posted are the items I bought online. It's no secret how I am an accessory devotee and I panicked when I saw the bracelets  from one of my favorite accessory stores! I also happened to find some great finds like the sling from a bag shop and colorful bandage skirts from an online shop that customizes skirts! I sound like a overly energetic happy kid holding a goodie bag full of candies! hahaha!
If you noticed, I always wear this pinkish-nude color for my lips. I use NYX products that i got from a local beauty store on multiply. Bought 4 colors but I just took photo of 2 of my most favorite shades. 

Which do you like most?:)
If you have questions, ask me here.