Monday, September 26, 2011

Bag & white-orange bangles: SOUL
Skirt: The CLoset Boutique
Shoes: Chick Flick

In my past posts (if you read it) I have been talking about shopping online. As someone swamped with things to do, spending 4-5 crucial hours going to every store just choosing and drowning in wide selections of clothing is tremendously time-consuming. Don't get me wrong. I still love going to malls to shop at boutiques but being a student and a blogger who spends most of her time in front of the computer makes it highly unfeasible. Though I still find time to make it happen :D 
With the limited time lain on my hands, I often result to shopping at home. Multiply is one good site where I  frequently search and buy. They have a wide-array of items from fashion, cosmetics to cameras and laptops! What's good is that they follow this new purchasing system (carts and check-outs) and provide buyer protection which basically gives us consumers money-back guarantee given we become victims of fraud and deceit. Spell A-Some! :)

In this outfit, I am wearing the items I recently bought online.   They fit me perfectly even if I didn't get the chance to try it on first before purchasing. I also linked the sites just in case you thought of buying a piece or two (you can even shop my entire look haha).  I observed how sunny the colors were so I entitled it sun kissed. Plus I just came from Davao and my tan is luckily not yet fading. 

Do you like the look? :)
By the way, my friend Christine took the photos. She isnt a pro (neither am I a great photoshop editor) but teamwork does make wonders! 



  1. You loos absolutely gorgeous !!! I love those sunny colors !!!
    Feel welcome to visit my blog.
    kisses from sunny Cyprus, Katerina

  2. Love all the colors of your outfit! Gorgeous! :)

    xx Kaye
    Fashion Blogger

  3. so colorful,thats such a pretty outfit :)

    join my little giveaway if you want to :)


  4. Wow girl this is amazing :) loving the colors :)!!!

  5. cheyzer!i love the mix of colors! :) and of course, gorgeous as always :)

  6. Beautiful colors, and you look great of course! xx

  7. Thank you for the great feedbacks! :)

  8. The outfit is stunning! and so are you x

  9. amazing!!!:D
    comment my post and hype dear

  10. One of my favorite outfits from you! Maybe even my favorite. :)

    PS: Dangg, your body is to die for! HOT!

  11. love your outfit - all the colours look wonderful together!! i'm also considering shopping online (spent hours today looking for the perfect birthday-dress without any success ://) but have always been worried about the things not really fitting - have you heard about romwe? i really like because they don't have any shipping costs! ^^

  12. hi...!! Very very nice outfit...I love your style..!!

    Follow each other??

    Kiss Kiss
    Ely. <3

  13. Gorgeous colorful outfit !

  14. beautiful.

    gorgeous colours that I would never think to put together.

  15. Awesome blog!

    xoxo from your new fallower :)

  16. Yes, I love the look. The combination of both colours go well together!

  17. Why must you slay me with these great color combos. pure genius! Found you on

    <3 Britt

  18. utterly gorgeous! ;) I love every single piece and color here, plus your nail polish! (talagang pati yun nakita ko pa, i love polishes!)

  19. Great outfit! Lovin' the colors. ♥

  20. i love this! am such a sucker for colors talaga!
    looking great cheys!!!!!;)

  21. Hello Cheys! :)
    You always look so effortless. :)
    Love your look here. I'm kind of afraid of colors but seeing this made me more inspired. :)

  22. Love love love love love!

    Joy xx

  23. wow.