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Friday, September 30, 2011

Watch the BTS Video:

video: Bagane Fiola
Photos: Wrap Meting

I have once thought how would it be like living a charmed life. Magic, allure, dazzle and enchantment all stirred in one perfect moment without premeditation and delay. "Lovely" I told myself.
  Motivation, passion and zeal  (when mixed together) make the perfect potion to an enchanted life. I am a quarter away from finishing my quest and one thing I have learned throughout the journey is to be determined and focused. Everyone's entitled to reaching their goals. Dreams and aspirations are actually achievable. You just have to have the right elements and know what spells to make from it.

As I walked my way to the castle of dreams, I came across the path of SOUL. They helped enlighten the way to the fortress. I wandered and strolled with them for a week or so. It was one experience I will forever love and treasure dearly. 

Posted are the BTS photos and videos of the project I have been doing for SOUL. I still find it odd weeing myself in motion. I kept on laughing as I try to to digest the fact that I was watching my self move, laugh and pose! haha
 To my Davaoena readers, watch out for something exciting coming out next week in Davao! :)


  1. /girlcrush

    I love you ate Cheyser! You were so mesmerizing in the video! <3

  2. Such a nice video & I just love how your words just flow together. Keep inspiring!<3

  3. glad to hear you're getting where you wanna be :) gorgeous shots <3


  4. wow! love everything!


  5. Wow great collection and awesome video!

    xx Kaye

  6. cute vid! :) will the collection be available online anytime soon?

  7. gorgeous gorgeous video Cheyser! ;)

    PS. Stop being so pretty! It's unfair for us!(heeee, kidding);)

  8. I love the video :)

    I saw your blog from a blogger friend, and thought you're too amazing for words. Love your blog Miss Cheyser :) Especially bcoz you're a fellow Mindanao-yan :)

    Jade Serina-Bioneda