ROMWE Discount Coupons

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sharing to you what's inside my ROMWE shopping bag!

Since you all have been devoted to following my blogs, I'd like to share to you discount coupons from ROMWE! 
This is just a taste! Soon enough we will be hosting a giveaway for you my lovely readers!

OOh have I told you? ROMWE offers FREE shipping and now they provide faster deliveries worldwide!

All codes can be used on check out and once only. 

Code1StreetFashion1  Save $10 off orders of $50+     End date:11/30/2011
Code2StreetFashion2  Save $20 off orders of $100+    End date:11/30/2011
Code3HLW20        Halloween Clearance 20% Off   End date:11/31/2011
Code420%off        New sign up to get 20% coupon

If you have questions or need assistance, ASK ME.

Hope you enjoy shopping! 


Shorts: ROMWE
Necklace: Sugar Kissed
Shoes: Chick Flick

Packages all over the world keep on reaching my doorstep in the last couple o'days! In fact 2 (from ROMWE & Sugar Kissed) arrived just few days ago--3 pairs of shorts, 2 blazers and 3 hand-made accessories! This week I'm expecting 3 more (Picture out a huge grin stuck on my face :D )
  Oh pete, I've been doing too much  online shopping, haven't i? 

Yesterday, my brother and I was supposed to go to High Street and do our bro-sis ritual (we're pretty close) but he wasn't home so asked my yaya to come with me instead. 
We did the groceries, ate dinner--like what my bro and I always do--and looked at fabrics that would make good curtains for my unfurnished room.
I had her take these photos. Did a 30-minute to an hour tutorial with how to point-and-shoot but I'm actually pleased with the outcome! It's not bad for a first timer, isn't it? :)
She's not only a housekeeper but a photog and and assistant during shoots. haha! 

Anyway, this was taken before we left. I planned on wearing white woven wedges but it was misplaced so went on with plan B and wore a black suede wedge from Chick Flick and a black bag to go with it! 

Hope you like it! :)


Multiply Finds

Spent the evening shopping online since going to the mall (to shop) seemed impossible these days! AGAIN. 
I searched, browsed, purchased and paid for the items all in less than an hour! Fast isnt it? Technology makes all things easier! 
Anyway, I'd like to share to you what I got.
Tops from summersault
Accessories from miacasa
Phone from berlein mobile
About the phone, Yes I got one! Its cheaper to buy online than at the Mall.
I've multiple mobile numbers (different service providers Globe, Sun & Smart) and bringing 3 phones has already become a burden for me! Needless to say this Nokia dual-sim phone is perfect for me!

The packages are about to arrive tomorrow so I think getting some shut eye to make time faster is the best solution to my tranquilized myself. I just couldn't wait to get my hands on 'em! It's that feeling you get after shopping. Can you relate? :))

Goodnight everyone! 


Golden Bloom

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Silk Top/Dress, Animal Print Bag, Accessories and Pumps all from SOUL.
Photos by Rap Meting

For the last day voyage with my Soul family, we all went around Davao looking for random yet great locations to shoot. This was the second outfit I put together. I thought wearing something more classy would be great. I remember how Mimi, the creative mind behind Soul, always talked me to dressing more of a 21 year old rather than a teen who just got out from high school. Haha sorry I just couldn't give up the whole im-so-laid-back-and-colorful kind of look! But this is something I would wear  without having that mature feeling. The silk top's my favorite! (I got the jade green color too!) I can either dress it up or down.
With this look, I wore it inverted. The shredded design was just too good to be hidden! It was Aidx's superb idea! 


Thursday, October 20, 2011

It hasn't been long since I stepped foot in the promising world of blogging. 10 months have passed without notice, yet significant opportunities and chances effortlessly revamped my unstructured life. 
I often found myself questioning all these for it really was overwhelming. Who would have thought in months time I would achieve so much than expected? I myself never foreseen any of these. But rather than just looking at it in awe, I embraced every single star within reach with hope and sheer determination.
 Everything slowly unfolded but I have yet to discern what is it more to be revealed. Dreams do come true, believe that. 
Life indeed is full of surprises, cliché as it may seem

As I continue to dawdle in this labyrinth, I'd like to share to you photographs of riveting people I stumbled upon and random things I encountered that caught my interest. I found a great site that makes all these possible. Through, my PHOTO BLOG came to life.


As a devotee of Art and Fashion, photography has been part of my everyday life. I may not be as trained or good as others but I find joy in shooting petty and sometimes insignificant things. In my photo blog, I will be posting photos I took myself, may it be random objects or interesting people I know or run in to. Yes, I will be featuring people instead of me being on the screen! So watch out I may bump in to one of you somewhere and take snapshots of you and your clothes!
I will be updating it regularly, uploading photos everyday or every other day. I started the other night and made 3 posts so far (photo, article and countdown). Hope you get to check it! 
Above are snapshots of my JUX account.

Walk With Cheys  serves as my personal photo diary. 
So see my life in HD photos and 


Sunday, October 16, 2011


5 reasons to be at the party: 

1. Meet and greet lots of shopaholic celebrities and bloggers. They'll be all over the place!
2. Food. Lots of great food! And of course lots of booze to party the night away!
3. Music played by the Techy Romantics and DJ Mars Miranda.
4. There are lots of amazing surprises; take home lots of freebies from Multiply Merchant Shops.
5. Browse and shop from some of Multiply's fabulous Merchant Shops right there at the party.

Will be giving out 5 tickets for the party tonight! 
I'll be announcing it on TWITTER, so watch out!! 

For the mean time, please like and follow Multiply 
to receive updates about the Party:


Thursday, October 13, 2011

shoes: Chick Flick

Help me the be one of the 5 finalist for the next MANGO "It Girl" contest on

Out of the top 50 most hyped entries,
 Mango will choose 5 finalists who will be flown to Barcelona this November! :)
Isn't that awesome?! :)

Submission of looks ends today but the hyping ends on the 24th so you still have a few days to hype! 
Hope to have your support on this one! 


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

To take snapshots of insignificant things is what I love doing when bored and unoccupied.

Above is a compilation of photos I took using my mobile phone.
I find joy looking at it, despite its senselessness and pointlessness. :)


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Everything from SOUL (head to toe).
photos taken by Rap Meting

Finally. After days of moving out and in, I have settled in my new place. School just started and I still am getting the hang of all these new things I am currently fronting. Will try my best to do a post about this. Will push myself to. haha 
Almost a week has passed since my last post so I am making it up to you guys with this one. Basically, this is an outfit I dared wearing (Also the smile cause I fear smiling in photos. I think my cheeks make me look 5 kgs heavier haha). I am an avid fan of colors (A classmate of mine once called me a walking crayola. Cute, eh?) but i dont really know what happened why now I prefer wearing dull to neutral colored apparels. So im channeling the crayola in me again by putting ensembles with different colors and hues.
 Paired the maxi with a green breezy sheer top to balance the hefty printed skirt. To those who are short like me (yes i am just 5'2.5"), do not be intimidated by maxis. You may think it'll make you look like chorizos stoutly packed and stuffed, but no. As long as you find the right length and shoes to twin with it. :)

Notice how I wore it with a brown wedge? The semi-full length maxi skirt went well with it, plus the brown bag! I wanted something light and breezy and colorful with w bit boho touch to it. So there! 
Hope you like it!