Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Everything from SOUL (head to toe).
photos taken by Rap Meting

Finally. After days of moving out and in, I have settled in my new place. School just started and I still am getting the hang of all these new things I am currently fronting. Will try my best to do a post about this. Will push myself to. haha 
Almost a week has passed since my last post so I am making it up to you guys with this one. Basically, this is an outfit I dared wearing (Also the smile cause I fear smiling in photos. I think my cheeks make me look 5 kgs heavier haha). I am an avid fan of colors (A classmate of mine once called me a walking crayola. Cute, eh?) but i dont really know what happened why now I prefer wearing dull to neutral colored apparels. So im channeling the crayola in me again by putting ensembles with different colors and hues.
 Paired the maxi with a green breezy sheer top to balance the hefty printed skirt. To those who are short like me (yes i am just 5'2.5"), do not be intimidated by maxis. You may think it'll make you look like chorizos stoutly packed and stuffed, but no. As long as you find the right length and shoes to twin with it. :)

Notice how I wore it with a brown wedge? The semi-full length maxi skirt went well with it, plus the brown bag! I wanted something light and breezy and colorful with w bit boho touch to it. So there! 
Hope you like it!



  1. Love the mix of colors and the two belts !

  2. the 2 belts look great together and i love they're almost the same colour as the 2 bracelets! ^^ looking beautiful!!!! :)

  3. pretty colors!! :)

  4. You are so pretty! Especially in these bright yet wonderful colours!

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  5. gorgeous! ;)

    loving the entire outfit!

  6. First time to visit your page and I'm already in love! Your style is amazing and your talent for mixing colors is just... I don't even know what to say! :) You're so pretty btw!

  7. Great color palette! In NY Fall is obviously here to stay, so I'm afraid I've tucked some of these colors away for awhile :( i would LOVE if you'd check out my new blog
    Rose of Style
    ! xoHilary

  8. I think it looks great when you smile :)


  9. Walking chic crayola :)))
    Love the styling!

  10. Really love your colorful outfit! great color combination :)

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  11. I love what you did with the belts :)

    comment me?

  12. Wow, you look stunning! Love your outfit!! :)

  13. love your light and breezy outfit!! you look very gorgeous.. come drop by my blog if you have time, thanks! :)

  14. I love all the touches of colours. the outfit looks very calm and serene.

    i'm looking around at your blog, and i love what i'm seeing. You have a great sense of style, its a blend of calm, classic, clean and sophistication.

    Your style is such a wonderful inspiration!

    I'm following you:)

  15. Love the play with colors and textures in this outfit! :) Beautiful photos too! :)