Thursday, October 20, 2011

It hasn't been long since I stepped foot in the promising world of blogging. 10 months have passed without notice, yet significant opportunities and chances effortlessly revamped my unstructured life. 
I often found myself questioning all these for it really was overwhelming. Who would have thought in months time I would achieve so much than expected? I myself never foreseen any of these. But rather than just looking at it in awe, I embraced every single star within reach with hope and sheer determination.
 Everything slowly unfolded but I have yet to discern what is it more to be revealed. Dreams do come true, believe that. 
Life indeed is full of surprises, cliché as it may seem

As I continue to dawdle in this labyrinth, I'd like to share to you photographs of riveting people I stumbled upon and random things I encountered that caught my interest. I found a great site that makes all these possible. Through, my PHOTO BLOG came to life.


As a devotee of Art and Fashion, photography has been part of my everyday life. I may not be as trained or good as others but I find joy in shooting petty and sometimes insignificant things. In my photo blog, I will be posting photos I took myself, may it be random objects or interesting people I know or run in to. Yes, I will be featuring people instead of me being on the screen! So watch out I may bump in to one of you somewhere and take snapshots of you and your clothes!
I will be updating it regularly, uploading photos everyday or every other day. I started the other night and made 3 posts so far (photo, article and countdown). Hope you get to check it! 
Above are snapshots of my JUX account.

Walk With Cheys  serves as my personal photo diary. 
So see my life in HD photos and 


  1. This is awesome! I will definitely check it out. <3

    Visit my Blog! :)

  2. i love it cheyser :) youre totally cool!

  3. love it! definitely checking it out!