Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oh yeah. 3 enormous scoops of gelato: Passion Fruit, Caramel and Hazlenut.

Naturally grainy photo of me. I apologize, I don't know how to lessen it.

With Aidx and Ashlee
(See some of these photos HD on Walk With Cheys)

Giving you a heads-up for the night we spent eating, eating and eating! Gluttony, I MUST say!
 (I figured to do separate posts on this cause there's just too much food, you readers might not handle. lol) 
This was our first stop. Italian ice cream at Gelatissimo, oh divine.


Jackie Jimenez

Vange Papa

Steph Chu

See some of these photos in HD  on Walk With Cheys 

Last month, paid a brief visit to my Alma Mater (Ateneo de Davao University) and spotted students in casual school attires. 
It was too quick that I forgot to jot down their names. Better bring a piece of paper with me next time! haha

Above are hurried shots of people who caught my eye. (My pick is the pair of knee-high combat boots that girl bargained from ukay-ukay.) 
It was quite a task to approach them cause I was just tooooo shy to, so I had Aidx do it for me. hehe! 
I regret not spotting and taking more photos though. Only got an hour or two to spare cause I had to rush for an interview that afternoon. My apologies. But I intend on doing it again--will be approaching you myself this time--in January as soon as school starts. That time, I shall bring with me a notebook and pen! haha
Oh if you happen to know some of them, please do leave a comment with their names :)



Tuesday, November 29, 2011
 Ermita, Manila Philippines
see this High Def on my photo blog, Walk With Cheys.
(My first to be drawn to this place and I instantly fell for it!)

This was taken noon time when the sun was severely harsh.
Aidx & I was crossing the street alongside 20 people when I looked up and saw this sight--white fluffy clouds contrasting with the blue ocean-like sky. I hurriedly reached for my camera, stopped in the middle of the lane for a second or two and took a shot not giving a damn bout the cars insensitively honking. haha! I could have taken a better and wider photo (to justify the title) but this was the best I took at that time, so have to settle for it! :)




Above are sketches of dresses my friend Teena is planning to make me. (Yaay my first ever made dress from a friend!) 
These have been sitting in my drafts folder for days already and I still couldn't make up my mind which is the best! The thing is, Ive always found it hard to choose, all the more if the decision includes picking the perfect item amongst an ocean of great selections!
So then I thought, why not ask help from you guys?!
Which do you think best suits me? :)


Sunday, November 27, 2011
x a photo of two brothers I 'sneakily' took in High Street
x a closer look of one of the most beautiful models I've seen, Marie
x a snapshot of people walking in Tagaytay
x rosaries for sale outside Lady Manaoag Church in Pangasinan

Sharing to you different photographs I recently uploaded on Walk With Cheys.
Nothing special but it would really mean a lot of you take the time and visit it. :)

PRIMADONNA Girls Night Out

Think of food, models, celebrities, bloggers and SHOES all in one room.
This was made possible by one of my favorite shoe brand (yes even when I still resided in Davao),  Primadonna. They  hosted a Girls Night Out Party in Makati Shangri la where they launched their new shoe collection and revealed their new endorser, Anne Curtis. The models whom we, the 12 chosen bloggers, got to style also ramped in various shoes falling on 4 different pegs, Lady Rebel, Classy & Sassy, Sexy and Lady Dabber.

Here's a photo summary--with captions of course--of how the event went. :)
(Get ready to drool on the shoe display!)

Of course, my jaw dropped the moment i laid eyes on the shoe corner. Whose wouldn't anyway?lol

The models each group styled started to ramp in Primadonna shoes.

And then my girl crush, Anne, walked in. I was speechless. Really.

Anne and Divine--hosts of the night.

The bloggers :)

Me and my awkward face standing next to Denise, one of the owners of Primadonna.
She was sweet and very warm! :)
Being a shoeaholic, this will be one of the most unforgettable events that I have gone to. Im grateful to be part of it! It was great night full of socializing, eating, photo taking and of course memories.
Thank you Primadonna! :)