Bath Products

Monday, November 7, 2011
(see these photos in HD on Walk With Cheys)

The weather has been unpredictable these days. In the morning it shines and in the next hour, it pours. Oh well, welcome to the Philippines. 
Just when I got up from bed, I opened my Formspring and a reader asked what bath products do I use. I left the question unanswered til the moment I stepped in the shower. It started raining when I looked at the window and saw small droplets of water that caught my attention. A light bulb lit up above my head--well not literally, just picture those you see in cartoons when a good idea pops up--and I thought... Why not take a photo of the bath products I use and do a quick post to answer that girl's question on FS? So I did :)

For those who are wondering, I use these products (pls see photo 1). I decided to shift from Citre Shine & L'oreal to Suave for shampoo, VO5 to Dove for conditioner, Garnier to Clean and Clear for facial wash and St. Ives to Beauty Formulas for facial scrub. (Nothing really special. I just use common/normal brands.)
 Apparently I changed all products. I've been using the old ones for about a year and since its the start of November, changing something in my life would be awesome, I thought. 

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