BLOGGERS CAMP (a preview)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011
See these photos in HD on my photo blog, Walk With Cheys.

Supposedly I should be on my desk now doing 5 plates for my Mechanical Drawing class due tomorrow at 9am. But here I am lying down in bed with an open laptop and a bag of chips. Good student huh? Seriously, I'm not a role model so dont follow my study habits. School first before anything my dear readers, remember that. 
It was a struggle not to post photos of what my day was like. So I gave in to temptation, edited photos and posted in on my blogs. I will not go much into details, explaining what story there is in every photo but instead im just leaving you guys a preview of what today was like in the Love Diva  Bloggers Camp. But just in case you're wondering how it went, it was entertaining. 
(Will be doing another post with much better photos of bloggers, readers, accessories and food I took myself.)
Hope you enjoy the quickly-edited pictures! 
I now have to start drawing. Tata! 


  1. <3 I really love all of your photos!

  2. I love the photos, Cheys! It was so nice chatting with you. :)

  3. Thank you Sai and Kookie!:) (it was nice chatting with you too! )

  4. Ohh,I want to be there :)

  5. Looks like a great and fun event!


  6. i looove ya cheyz! til our next event!:)