Bring the Past Back

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Shoes: Chick Flick
photos by Rap Meting

My absolute love for vintage and anything old intensified after a day spent in Intramuros. (For my international readers, Intramuros is the oldest district in Manila, Philippines.) We ate lunch at this cafe in a hotel near San Augustin Church, I think it was uhm White Knight? and had a mushroom burger  and some home-made fries (see it on my photo blog). Walked around the streets too and took snapshots of antiques, old restaurants, guardia civils and foreigners who looked a tad bit irritated because of the humidity (like in this photo i took). It was indeed hot so decided to drive home (or was aiming to) around sun down when I got distracted by the heavy stoned wall. The noticeable discoloration looked beautiful from afar, like those tie-dyed fabrics that did nothing but catch your attention. 
I asked Rap to take a photo of me and like the kind-hearted person that he is--trust me he doesn't know how to say no--he said yes despite the scorching heat of the afternoon sun piercing through his skin. (Thank you Rap for being patient with me! haha)  
My old grannyesque sweater contrasted with the rustic wall, but the bag ahhhh...I'm quite unsure. It blended in! haha It looks okay nevertheless!
(By the way, wore the shorts yesterday for the Love Diva event. Still waiting for my readers to upload.)
Have a great night guys!



  1. these photos are so gorgeous!!!
    really atmospheric and the colours are perfect!!! :))
    love the whole outfit & especially the "flowery" shorts ^^

  2. amazing!love the whole outfit!:)

  3. the pictures are great :) i am a fan of your shoes :)


  4. love all your photos and your blog <3

  5. The shoes are indeed lovely and comfy :) The photos were eited perfectly by my friend. Thank you for reading this post :)

  6. I love you attention to detail.

  7. your shoes are amazing. cheyzer your photos are getting awesome-r (if theres a word) :D love reading your blog
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  8. Love those shoes!! And great mix of Textures here. Nice outfit! :)

  9. super love this outfit.


  10. Super pretty look! The shoes are very desireable! I love the use of different textures:)

    Xx Jorien

  11. Love your floral shorts!


  12. Hi Cheyser!

    At first glance you just caught me!
    Nice meeting you at the bloggers camp. and Hoping to see you sooon again.. :)

    Its Joana! Love lots!