Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jackie Jimenez

Vange Papa

Steph Chu

See some of these photos in HD  on Walk With Cheys 

Last month, paid a brief visit to my Alma Mater (Ateneo de Davao University) and spotted students in casual school attires. 
It was too quick that I forgot to jot down their names. Better bring a piece of paper with me next time! haha

Above are hurried shots of people who caught my eye. (My pick is the pair of knee-high combat boots that girl bargained from ukay-ukay.) 
It was quite a task to approach them cause I was just tooooo shy to, so I had Aidx do it for me. hehe! 
I regret not spotting and taking more photos though. Only got an hour or two to spare cause I had to rush for an interview that afternoon. My apologies. But I intend on doing it again--will be approaching you myself this time--in January as soon as school starts. That time, I shall bring with me a notebook and pen! haha
Oh if you happen to know some of them, please do leave a comment with their names :)



  1. this is a cool photo diary for cool students like them! well it just proves that Davaoenias are really fashionista! :)

  2. Wow thank you for the flattering comment aiken! :) I definitely am pushing through with that plan. I want to show people how we dress up in Davao, even though we always fall on the laid-back side of fashion :)

  3. this is really nice! :) my alma mater as well!

  4. the university can be a catwalk sometimes :D

  5. i love all those looks!! :)))

  6. i really like all of those look,but my favorite is the one with the red skirt :)


  7. wahh love this kinda style..i meant d streetstyle kind of..hihi been waiting for more.. ^^ haha, btw im ur silent follower saying 'HI' ^^