Denim & Leather

Wednesday, November 23, 2011
Shoes: Primadonna
Leather Jacket: Causeway Mall
(Please bear with the grainy & blurry photos. This was a quick outfit shoot, taken straight after my 4pm class.)

 I wanted something light & dainty but with a rough touch so I wore a tan leather jacket to go with the denim platforms I got from Primadonna. Played around a bit--going in circles, hopping up and down and throwing my skirt like a Latina doing the Flamenco dance and amazingly the shoes held my weight! haha It was sturdy despite the 5-in heels. (Ready to wear it for the Primadonna event tomorrow!)
 I still feel energized  in spite of the lack of sleep.  Must be because of the +10's I got for accomplishing 7 plates in my Freehand Drawing class! But seriously, Interior Design is way harder than I thought. I have been sleeping 4-5 am in the morning for the past days just drawing drawing drawing. Nevertheless, I'm happy to be taking up such course! 
Reading this post only makes me want to get some shut eye! I'm not making sense anymore. haha
Do you like the ensemble?



  1. I just love how it is edgy with the leather jacket and girly with the skirt and heels. You look so put together.

  2. you look great cheyser! I agree I used to go to PSID too..during the time it was located at pasong tamo Mr. gustilo still there? hehe..I used to be like that also straight from puyat deretcho pasok can do it basta don't miss out on passing your plates. goodluck and I super love your blog :)

  3. I love the outfit :)

  4. Love the shoes! And as always your style:)

  5. super cute, love the maxi skirt

  6. Yes I was staring at your heels, they look very interesting. :)

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  8. love the whole outfit girl.

    ps. you hafta lose those extra lbs na girl. hihihihi (Im a big fan of yours. dont get maaad at me! huhu)

  9. Love love love the whole outfit. It's so feminine!