Food Post: Weekend Junk

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

T.G.I. Friday's cocktail menu | buffalo wings + celery + bleu cheese dip | cajun shrimp pasta | water droplets | mini burger | cinnamon bun (my fave) | goober + nutella (fattening i know) | Fijian chicken casserole Ashlee & I made | greasy but divine McDo nuggets & cheeseburger meal | picnic food in an evening event I attended (kind of weird right?) | glass of healthy orange juice (for a change)

Practically everything I ate for the weekend, only that I havent included KK's greasy New York Cheesecake doughnuts (my faaave!) and cereals & chips for midnight snacks.

I checked my weight and discovered I gained a couple of pounds. (No need to be specific. haha!) Im trying to lose the added kgs (Yes kgs. Sad to say :| ) by working out after school and eating healthy (forcing myself to). Basically I have to say bye bye to all these foods except the orange juice which is about 27 calories/250ml. Ha!
I apologize if I made your tummies rumble after browsing thru this (just exactly what I did in this post). I shall be charged guilty :D


  1. So you really made me hungry and now I just want to go to a bar or restaurant and eat all those great-looking food!! And what's more interesting, I haven't eaten junk for a very long time, 'cause I'm allergic to preservatives, but every since my period's near I really want to eat junk! Why it's so hard? <3

  2. I got hungry too :-D That look so deliciouse mhhhh...

  3. The food looks delicious and I totally understand that you could not resist it! I have these days/weeks too that I eat everything possible, but then I realize that it's not too good for me and try to eat healthy which only last a few days/weeks!
    Well, good luck with resisting junkfood:)

    Xx Jorien

  4. that buffalo wings and cajun shrimp pasta are my favorite at chillis ;)

  5. You take really good pictures, Cheys :)