Tuesday, November 8, 2011
Heartwarming emails I opened today.
I can't think straight. I do not know how to define perfectly what I feel, so  let me keep it plain and simple.
 It is such a euphoric feeling to know I have influenced each of you in my own little ways. If only I could get the chance to meet every reader who passed by my blog and shake your hands or give you all a warm hug in return for the support and time you have invested in me and TWR.

Always grateful,
Cheyser <3


  1. This is so lovely.


  2. I've been following only for about a week, trying to see if I'd like this blog. And I think this post just made me a permanent. There's no better blogger to follow than a blogger with a heart. Cheers! ;)


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  4. hi cheys. when i read about this, i thought of posting here to tell you that I'm also a fan. so here. =)) you are the only blogger that i really admire, with your personality and style. You dont blend in, but you stand out. there is something that is so unique in you, your attitude ..how you see things. I can say this because though i don't comment on any of your posts since i followed you, ngayon lang. =) I visit here every time you have a new post.. =)) Thank you for inspiring us all bloggers aspiring to be fashion bloggers too cheys. Keep it up and take more pictures you are also good at it..

  5. you deserve this cheys because youve been an inspiration to everyone :) especially the readers and bloggers who follows your blog :)) and im one of them :DD i so love your blog , MORE POWER :))


  6. You totally deserve these, Ate Cheys :) You're really nice, humble and down-to-earth among other things. It was also really nice to have met you in person last time in the Love Diva event. You were really fashionable and gorgeous.

    More power to you, I'll forever be a fan! :)