How was Your Weekend?

Sunday, November 13, 2011
3PM lunch at T.G.I. Friday's with my classmate Ash | Random shots of what I found interesting/disturbing inside | Cajun Shrimp Pasta in a fork | (cont) done in 15 mins. or less | Spicy boneless wings | KK's Hot Donuts Now Sign (with my classmate's half body) | School Work......lots of it | Ash's black dog | 4 in the morning McDo break | Me surrounded by food and papers

This probably is the most exhausting week I've had in a while. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday filled with late night sketching, 8am alarms, last minute studying, fattening  pastries, Chris Brown & Rihanna's music, midnight snacks, classmates' company, Serendra-to-HighStreet-(and vice versa)-walks,  camwhoring, endless homework and of course fastfood breaks (a group study never is complete without this)
I feel that I have missed out a lot on what was supposed to be an awesome weekend--11/11/11 and  Pacquiao-Marquez fight to name a few. I know I'll get over it as soon as I reunite with my bed but life does not get any better cause I still am swarmed with plates to finish (5 down, 3 more to go). So I took a break, opened my laptop and did something that makes me happy....blogging
It's the 14th and I was looking at my Blog Archive, surprisingly I already have 15 posts for this month! I must have enjoyed blogging these days that I now consider it an outlet where I can talk endlessly and sometimes foolishly about anything under the burning sun. 
Anyway, Im betting a thousand bucks you guys had an awesome break. (Not really serious bout the money. Haha) Please save me from those soul-destructing papers disturbingly waiting for me on my desk by telling me about how your weekend went.  I'd love to hear about it!
Oh! I'd just like to thank you guys for reading my posts even if sometimes I just talk about the tedious things I do.  I think its about time for me to return the favor and listen to you all :)


  1. too bad that you had so much to do all week, mine was similar - just filled with studying.. right now i'm constantly living on midnight snacks :DD
    buuut i did manage to make time to go to a local market in a village next to Vienna - a fun but freezing (only 2°C here in Austria) night filled with drinking punch, eating chocolate-glazed strwaberries, riding on crazy rollercoasters & reuniting with friends
    glad that you still find the time to blog even though you're busy!!! :))

  2. Oh my Veronika I envy you! First because youre from Austria, second because your weekend was great! This got me drooling actually: "night filled with drinking punch, eating chocolate-glazed strawberries" haha! Well I kind of got tired with school work so I took a break and It's good knowing about how yours went! It's always nice to communicate with readers, like you. :)

  3. nice photos cheyser!:) learning from you! well i spent mine bonding with my college bff that i havent seen for years and date with the bf:)

  4. Bff and BF. You are lucky to spend the weekend with your loved ones! :) I bet it was relaxing and fun! good for you! I havent spent time with my bestfriends (2 of them), been busy with a lot of things. Sad reality :| And btw, thank you about appreaciating my photos. :)

  5. I think it's great how you're checking up on your readers :)

    As for me, spent the weekend setting up our online shop (me & 2 of my college friends). That involved a photo shoot (amateur-ish since it was just us three hehe), finalizing our site/fb/twitter, and working out other logistics for our upcoming launch this week :) Lots of work especially since we're just starting, but it's ok because we get to do what we love.

  6. hi:)

    i'm your reader for a very long time now, but i don't know why i didn't leaved comments on your blog, which i really like and i always read the new entries when you post them

    as for me, i had a very good time in my hometown (i'm going back to my study-city tomorrow), visited a castle, i was at a basketball game and meet my friends from here.

    i hope that you will visit my blog and you will find it interesting(maybe)

    xx, Zsuzska :)

  7. TO: LIA

    I checked your blog and saw a link of your site. It looks pretty polished! :) I wish you luck. Business always starts off hard but in time, everything pays off :)


    Dear your name is hard! :) What city are you from? :) Aww thank you for reading my posts! youre always welcome to leave comments :D

    Good for you to be spemding your weekend in your hometown. And visit a castle? AMAZING! I wish I had the same chance!

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  9. I feel like I've lost my whole week, but tomorrows my boyfriends 20th bday and I'm really happy about it, 'cause I can bake him a bday cake and stuff. New week new opportunities
    tc xoxo

  10. Hello Cheyser! :))
    I really like your shots. Very light, vintage-y and raw. Niiice :))

  11. Hello ms. Cheyz,

    I spent my weekend searching for more of blog-give-away-contest. I just get addicted to it when I saw your ongoing contest with Romwe :)

    So addicted that I never paid much attention to Pacquioa's fight that day hahaha!

  12. Hi cheyser! I love your blog I'm your reader since the last month, but i just joined today to your site, because I'm creating my own blog. My week was exhausting too, this last month has been exhausting to me but I almost done this semester =) I study Industrial Design. What are you studying? Interior Design?

  13. Hello Cheyser!

    I spent my weekend with a whole lot of laughter, coz I spent it with my high school best butts (buds). It was one of my best butts' birthday and we had a sleepover.

    What camera do you use and how do you edit your photos? I love them!