Friday, November 11, 2011
photo teaser by Aidx Paredes | wearing everything from SOUL

In life, we either wait for things we desire to come our way OR we stand, make a move and chase them ourselves. A year ago, life was different. Most of my time was spent lounging in the couch watching TV, surfing the net for anything nonsense and doing all things that weren't significant. There were days heavily spent daydreaming in class, looking at billboards as I unluckily get stuck in traffic and walking around in a daze wondering how those girls ended up in posters of shops.  
I dreamt of numerous things--becoming an interior designer and appearing in magazines are just a few. I had a goal in mind which was to grasp whatever dream there was within reach. I couldnt afford to fritter the time away so I moved and worked my ass off literally to be as close to it and now I have held some already. 
I wished, hoped, believed and achieved.  Dreams do come true, I can attest to that. 

SOUL has given me the opportunity to influence other girls, not just in fashion but also in inspiring them to dream and follow whatever they desired. Who knew I would reach this? I was just like everyone else. I used to pass by the store, browse, drool AND buy, when my savings allowed me to. But God was very kind to let Mimi (the lady behind SOUL) find my blog in a random foreign site, German if Im not mistaken. Had the chance to work with her and Jun, as well as Aidx and James. And in my 3-week Davao vaca, I brainstormed, planned and cooperated with them all. It was a journey full of inspiration, laughter, outfit changes, after midnight texts (our brain cells worked best at that time),  food (my fave was dinner at this Chinese resto where Aidx & I got to eat jellyfish for the first time. Or was it really jelly fish, Jun?) and not to mention, SWEAT. Lots of perspiration people, but worth it! 
It was my first legit brand collaboration but I never looked at it as a project, but a fruitful experience worth cherishing.
Thank you SOUL for this. Thank you Mimi & Jun!

Tomorrow is a day when all hard work invested in the TWR x SOUL collab finally pays off. My first ever billboard will be up at Gaisano Mall Davao. I am stoked and sad at the same time. Stoked cause this has always been one of my ultimate dreams and now I have the chance add it to my dream chest, and sad cause I cannot be in my hometown to see it myself. Will be relying on your photos guys so if you have the chance to take one, please do and tweet it to me!

Wow this post is getting very lengthy, I apologize. I will cut it here and let you guys have a great 11.11.11 night. Thank you for sparing your time reading this wordy post. :)
btw, watch a BTS video for the Big B. shoot!



  1. Inspiration.


  2. omg dear, congratulations! and i must add, it is very well deserved! :)

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    win a maxi skirt, asian vogue GC
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  3. I don't know you personally, but from being a long time follower of TWR, I believe that you really deserve every opportunity that comes your way. I hope you continue to write, continue to blog, and continue to inspire your readers to go after their dreams. (and continue to shoot #ozom photos to add to your cool photoblog walkwithcheys :))



  4. Wow these are lovely comments! My eyes started watering a bit as I was reading it. Thank you so much for the support you all have given me!

  5. Hi cheys!! gwapa kaaayo ka :) Proud ang taga Davao sayo


  6. Breathtaking story, I like very much ;) XX Nini

  7. Cheyser dearest, your words simply warmed my heart. Jun and I are truly grateful too for the journey with you.

    Remember this dreamcatcher necklace you have on in this photo? Keep it close to your heart, as we keep you close to ours too:) Some dreams came to life this 11.11.11, let's keep Cheysing more tomorrow and in more beautiful days to come. ♥ xoxo

  8. What you wrote is really inspiring, I have some (unrealistic for now) dreams and truly don't know where to start. I will chase my dreams no matter what, 'cause you and a few others are walking examples for doing what you want. I love your blog and you deserve every dream to come true.
    xoxo <3

    PS: sorry for mistakes... :D

  9. Just want to congratulate you, it must be so exciting for all your hard work to pay off...IM excited to see how the billboards turn out!

    Thanks for this little bit of inspiration and reminder to keep going, you only live once after all :)


  10. Your post made me tear up. :') Congratulations Cheys! You truly deserve it. I still have that text you sent me months ago, when you were still starting out. I'm still holding on to that. Everytime I'm down and feel like my dreams wont come true, I read it and I feel inspired. I hope you still keep inspiring more SOULs out there. =)

  11. I love your personality, you're really an inspiration.. Congratulations!

  12. you're such an inspiration! :) Congrats Cheyser! :)

  13. I miss Davao...Cheers Davao Fasyonistas!


  14. When i counted my blessings last 11.11.11, i counted you TWICE! Something for you...http://365dayswithapinkmother.blogspot.com/2011/11/11-11-11-day-18-365.html