Pampered & Spoilt

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tracy & I semi-mummified | Posh Nails |  luscious interior |  my fave bag, so far | magazines to keep us company | beautiful modern baroque lamp | my feet al bubbled-up | too many colors to choose from | my toenails painted in turquoise of course my fave color | mine & Tracy's feet | platinum for my fingernails | Tracy's tiny (super tiny) nails haha | Tracy &  Teena

Straight after class, I headed to Posh Nails Fort (Venice Piazza Mall, Mckinley) to meet-up with Tracy for some fancy-schmancy de-stressing. (Great thing I live 5 mins away. It was the perfect afternoon to run free from the stresses of school!) 
We were both spoilt with their Fetish package which basically did nothing but pamper our feet & hands with their pina colada scrub and strawberry & lavender paraffin wax! (It smelled and felt D-I-V-I-N-E. I wished everything was edible though so I could just taste it instead of smelling my hands & feet over and over again. haha)
Time flew unnoticeably, for me and Tracy that is. But for Teena? I doubt. (Sorry for waiting! haha)
It took us about 3 hours to finish, of course minutes wasted just choosing the perfect nail color already counted. They had every shade, in Orly, Revlon and Face Shop. We died. Seriously. 
Tracy & I were two cosseted commoners who felt like royalty even just for a few hours!  It was one  fancy day. Thinking of doing it again with my girlfriends <3



  1. what a cute post :) your nails look so sweet


  2. that lampshade is lovee!<3 and nice nails colors too!:)

  3. majorly jealous! those colours look so pretty and fun :)

  4. Is the brown bag from the third picture yours? super nice!! where'd you get it? :)

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