Saturday, November 26, 2011
Photos taken at the MRT or LRT (not sure) station

This was during the day my friend Aidx and I went on a Manila adventure. 
We both dint know much about public transpo in the city but we took the courage to explore it ourselves without a Manilenyo to come with us.
Try to envision two Davaoneos getting lost in the streets of Manila. Yes we got lost.
I havent been in the MRT/LRT station much and in fact this was the first time I rode the train without an expert to accompany me.  I won't lie and fool you by saying I enjoyed every minute of it, but it was quite a trip. An eye-opening one, to be honest. Seeing people jostling one another just to get in isn't a pleasant view--I always get intimidated by it--but I admire their courage cause it damn takes a serious amount of strength just to get pass the commotion in the entryway! 
I observed each of their faces and no words needed to explain how long and taxing their day must have been. I praise these commuters. They should be called soldiers of the real world. 
Brave, determined and patient.
(I can't take my eyes off the 3rd photo. It amazes me how a photograph can capture so much emotions at once.)
See all these on my photo blog, Walk With Cheys.


  1. Congratulations! :) It's always such an experience when you ride the trains in Manila for the first time.

    Everyone's gotta experience rush hour though. :| Now THAT'S just eye-opening and SUPER tiring. I experienced it first-hand only this year, and mehhhhhnnn, I do not wanna do that every morning!

    I heart your photos! :D

  2. Yes it is! Riding the trains sure does take a lot of bravery! :) Im glad I have experienced it! :)

  3. Wow, you're brave! haha :) My boyfriend never lets me commute on my own! ;p

  4. Then I'm a "soldier of the real world". I ride the MRT almost everyday - rain or shine. :P

  5. Mary: i dont consider myself brave :( I stil dont have the courage to ride it! :(

    Sillyinspirations: Yes dear. you are a soldier. i admire your courage!!

  6. I don't ride LRT or MRT, unless I'm with friends. I'd rather ride a jeep or taxi than squeeze my way in and out of the train. Haha!

    But yay for your bravery! =D

  7. OMG!!!
    I love the photos!!

  8. Great pics! It seems so crowded in the train (or is it an underground?!)

    Xx Jorien

  9. That's the MRT. Trust me when i say this, it's hell to ride that train during rush hour. Everyone's pushing and shoving like you're made of steel and don't get hurt at all. If you don't budge, the pushers and shovers will give a look of "i'll punch you in the face if you don't move". I've had my fair share of horror stories while riding the MRT and i'd rather forget about it.

  10. You just completed your Manila experience by riding the MRT! :) What day was this? Saturday? Well try it on a Friday night! It's terrifying but I got used to it eventually (I ride the train every day). You have to learn how to squeeze yourself in in order to survive. Haha! That's the hassle that tired people have to go through! It's indeed very taxing!