Photo Diary

Sunday, November 6, 2011

PHOTO DIARY ON Walk With Cheys
x pencils, pens and scissors on my table
x sandwiches at Sandwich Club
x couple spotted in Intramuros
x salt and pepper
x choc knots
x my cousin phoebe
x burger at Knight Hotel, Intramuros
x Stephanie Chu 
Aidx's boots
x Sushi & Maki at Yakimix
x my shoes, Anna's and Susy's
x gigantic feather earrings

Today I rolled out of bed nearly lunch time. I wanted to stay snuggled in my comforter and sleep for an extra 3 or 4 hours, but I had things to do and by that i mean blogs to post, photos to edit and drawing plates to finish. It's Sunday, blogging day, like what I always say so I can't really do much about it but force myself to get up. (I blame the weather for making chores and tasks seem like torture.) 

If you've been following my tweets, I linked my photo blog a couple of times already. But i thought of showing you guys a photo summary of random things and people I took and uploaded there. I'm no photographer (still consider myself a shutterbug) but there's something inexplicably satisfying in taking photos and seeing the output, especially the edited ones. 
I know some of you, my readers, are aspiring photographers. Well maybe not really but perhaps 60% of you admire photography. Dont worry, you guys re not alone. I too am a frustrated photog. 

My photo blog serves as an outlet for my alter ego (I'd like to call it that). I spot interesting things, take snapshots of it, edit and post it without really caring about what professional photographers might think after seeing the amateur shots. I was lucky, yeah fortunate, to found JUX.  Whenever I visit the site (I explore photo blogs of other people there. You should try it too!), I always get the feeling like im in a different world. A world where creative people get to showcase what's beautiful for them based on what's good in their eyes and not on others'. 
Walk With Cheys has only been running for nearly a month and it has gained quite a number of viewers. Some even messaged/tweeted me about making their own JUX  photo blogs after seeing mine.  Who knew just a small hobby could turn out into something inspirational? Amazing how photos could leave an unexplainable impact to us. I hope this post pushes you to follow your heart's desires. 
(If you want to be linked to my photo blog, just click the banner posted on the side of my blog or the photo blog in the tabs above.)

  with much love, 


  1. amazing photos!


  2. the feather earrings are so pretty :)


  3. love your photo's :) What type/kind of camera did you used?

  4. beautiful photos :) i'm simply in love with your blog - say hello to your newest follower!

  5. Beautiful photos. And they pretty professional to me.

  6. great post :)

  7. Nice pictures :)

  8. really nice photos! :)