Thursday, November 17, 2011

 Home cooked healthy meal | banana-yogurt smoothie | fruit salad | romanian lettuce for dinner | two huge oranges | ......LONG PAUSE...... | 1:32 am | Starbucks escape | all the pasties I wanted to have | Caramel Frappuccino (favorite next to Green Tea Frap) | to die for orea cheesecake | Aphoto of me working on my plate taken by my dear classmate, Ashlee | paper snowflakes glued to the glass | me taking a break from all school work waiting on the table

Last night I intended to sleep early (12midnight) but received a text message from Ken asking me to watch this video, so I did. It ridiculously took me a long time to absorb everything, 30 mins. probably? I couldn't figure out why. I mean everything about it was plain and simple, wasn't it? I never was a huge fan of stick drawing yet surprisingly the video was on replay about 5x? It astonished me how the animator (whatever you call it) perfectly illustrated the situation I am in now.  It was effortlessly clear and straightforward and it brought about an explosion of emotions that were suppressed and forcefully hidden deep down. I related to it far more than anyone I knew could. And the song? Oh it's like Snow Patrol knew every detail of our lives.
Sigh. Perplexities of life...what can we do?
You should watch it too you know, maybe some of you can relate.

Sorry bout the dragging introduction. haha! So the desired 12-midnight bedtime unfortunately didn't push through, I ended up sleeping at 4.  The time now on my laptop tells me it's 2:16pm, just an hour after I woke up. Actually, I planned on working out, (PLANNED, that's the thing) and I shouldn't be where I am now. (Picture me in the balcony, sitting on a chair with a laptop on my lap--redundant i know, haha!--and a bowl of cereal by my side.) But I thought I deserved a break so took advantage of it.

Remember my last post where I asked if I should make this type of post (something diaryesque) a regular thing? I thought it would be a great idea so my blog would be more surreal and relatable and less superficial.  The photos above summarized my diet, or at least the first 9 did. Trying to reprogram my body and tummy but I kind of  went on a different path and cheated way past midnight when Ash and I went to Starbucks to finish our homework. I hate myself for giving in to temptation. Well at least the Caramel Frap was low-fat. haha! It is hard to be always on the right trail. There are certain times that we just couldn't help but get sidetracked.
 We make plans, get distracted and sometimes deviate from it. 

Speaking of plans, my friend from Davao, Aidx, is arriving at 4 and at 5, we're going to an opening of a shoe-accessory brand. Better get ready! 
Have a great Thurs guys!



  1. great pictures,everything looks delicious :)


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  3. looking forward to your "diaryesque" posts! :)

  4. el starbucks de Argentina es igual :D