Monday, December 26, 2011

(see these photos HD on my photo blog)

To get away from the stresses of the urban life is what I yearned for after experiencing how its like living in concretes--having nowhere to go but malls, school, coffee shops, offices, and condominiums. After weeks of patiently waiting, I finally am reunited with the basics.  2 days have only been spent in the province but I feel the opposite, like as if I’ve been here for a week or so. Time flew slowly thus providing me more time to recharge/rejuvenate--power naps, forty winks, 1pm wake-up calls, you name it, I did it.

This province, which is 3 hours away from Davao, has made me slothful. There’s nothing here to disturb me. No schoolwork to finish, no blog-related phone calls, no deadlines to chase, no snoozing of alarms but just my dearest mother who wakes me up just in time for lunch.  Oblivious of the presence of time, I laze around, moving sluggishly like I haven’t done this for decades—which is true by the way! 
This is life at its finest. Laid back, carefree and relaxed.

I reckon most of you are on a hiatus, taking advantage of the holidays in whatever way possible! As much as I wanted to be on a COMPLETE break from the world of blogging, I just can’t leave you guys with nothing to read on. So I thought of doing a post showing you the photos I took on my way to the place where I spent my first 3 years at. It’s rural, rustic and basic. Just the way I like it.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Hugs and Kisses,


  1. Beautiful <3 :) xxxxxxxxxx

  2. This is so wonderful! The Philippines is so beautiful outside the city talaga. :)

  3. Ate Cheys, the casing of your iPhone have a hole ba for keychain and stuff? :))


  4. Gorgeous photos, I want to step inside each one of these!

  5. great shots! :D

  6. Great shots! & I know what you mean, I love getting back to the basics at my own hometown too. :)