Wednesday, December 28, 2011
3 months of waiting, I finally am here.
It's good to be back to the city where I spent most of my life in.
Cliche, yes, but there's truly no place like HOME.

Here are some photos I took summarizing  my week :)
see photo captions

Driving around town under the 5 O'Clock sky.

A view of Davao from the plane.
Its blurry, my hands were very shaky. Sorry!

Tried Gino's Burger for the first time.
Waited 30 mins for this, but it was WORTH IT!

Ate at Bigby's. As usual :D

A small white Christmas tree displayed at my Lola's old table.
I've always wanted one for our house.

Beautiful Christmas lights.

That's about it! 
Haven't taken much photos cause I've been running errands left and right :(
Will try to take more :)

It's 12 midnight and I have to get some shut-eye.
Goodnight guys! :)



  1. nice shots! :)

    bisaya mn diay ka.. :D

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