Tuesday, December 6, 2011

All items posted are proudly made locally--Cebu, Philippines.
Some materials used were coconut shells, bamboo, leather and laminated sea shells.

These are the pieces I personally picked from the Island Girl booth at the Moonlit Bazaar last weekend :)

 What I call the "Tangerine Duo".

This shall be the "Blue Toxic Pair" lol

 Blue necklace made from wooden & metallic beads.

A mixture of blue coconut shells and sequins.

Peach necklace made of cloth, bamboo beads and laminated shells.

Tangerine flats with wooden bead accent. Like how the color makes my nail polish pop out. haha

Being a Davaoena, native pieces have always been part of my fashion and its happy-making to see how Island Girl took Philippine craftsmanship up a level by transforming indigenous materials to fashionable and wearable items! Not to mention they make great flats, which is my (or maybe yours too) everyday shoe by the way! :)

Island Girl exports (they teamed up with quite a number of big foreign brands already) and ships internationally too! 
You can check their products here:

Which is your favorite? :) 
Mine is the "Tangerine Duo".