Sunday, December 4, 2011
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We often make plans for the sake of having something to follow or look forward to. Tracy and I--just like other normal human beings--made plans for this night. First was to meet up in Greenbelt at 6pm (broken), take each other's outfit photos while there's still sun (broken), go to Aldo and Lyn together before the event (broken) and the worst was to witness the Greater Good x Jaime Zobel Launch Party which well--you must have guessed it already--broken too. We arrived minutes after it was done. Great thing we bumped in to David & Gerd and were saved from isolation and humiliation. Haha!

With all plans broken, Tracy & I thought of pursuing some on the list: Outfit photo taking and Shoe browsing. We had about 3 hours to kill (we intended on going to Fiamma at 11) so we ambled inside the mall window shopping at a very slow pace until we decided to dine at Cafe Breton. It was my first, and I enjoyed the place and food! Time check was 9pm. Ordered a burger and Tracy got a tuna melt. We chatted our way thru the hour and a sudden idea of pigging out at Mercato Central (its a known weekend food bazaar in the Philippines) popped up. 
So being 2 girls who undeniably love food, we rushed our way to the place, arrived around 10:30 PM and left at 1:30 AM. 3 freaking hours spent conversing and eating in the street in heels, skirt and dress! There were no vacant tables and chairs inside so pls understand. lol

 Here's a summary of what we ate:

1st meal:
C: Mozzarella Burger
T: Tuna Melt

2nd Meal:
C: 4 Spicy Chicken Wings
T: 3 French Macarons

3rd Meal:
C: Chorizo Paella & Lemon Grass Iced Tea
T: Hungarian Sausage & Mango Shake

4th Meal:
C: Chocolate Caramel Moist Cake
T: Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream

And that my readers justifies the title post, "PIGS IN HEELS".
Oh, the plan about going to Fiamma was yes, broken. haha!



  1. Wow, wild! 4 meals! Hahaha.
    Don't worry, you are still pretty and sexy! :)

  2. Mozzarella Burger looks really yummy!

    xx, Fran of ftletters.tk

  3. Beautiful shoes, and now I need some lunch.


  4. All the food we ate is goooood (prolonging the oooo) :))

  5. Sarap!! I miss going to Mercato. Haven't gone there in so long! :(

    ♥♥ Megann of STYLE SURGERY

  6. love your shoes! all these food photos are making me hungry!

    toni perfumed red shoes

  7. The leopard heels are soo great! Love the blue dress as well!

    And the food looks absolutely delicious:)

    Xx Jorien

  8. pigs in heels = my kindof night!
    pictures look great!


  9. Cool shots! Nice Fashion style..

  10. ganda ng boots! great blog as well!! =)

    let's follow each other???


  11. wow *-* very nice blog. i <3it!
    nice pic's (: