Thursday, December 1, 2011

What's inside the 5 packages I got from the post office today:
3 blazers (orange, black & silver): ROMWE
2 shorts: ROMWE
 White boyfriend blazer:  Pink Bullet 
Vintage floral dress: Fox House

 While others say TGIF and wait for Friday for their school week to end, I rejoice a lil earlier cause Thursday's the last day of school for me. 
Right after class, I rushed to the post office psyched about the packages that arrived, only to find out I could only claim it upon paying 1,500 php Customs fee which was extremely MORE than what I used to pay (40 php).  I was visibly irritated so was the old Customs guy after hearing me incessantly complain and whine about the sudden increase of charges. I still couldn't figure out why the hell did they charge me just now and not before. Ugh. 
Stayed there for about half an hour watching him compute every damn fee he could bill me. It was a torturous sight! My blood was boiling and my eyebrows couldn't stop but meet in the middle.
I gave him the money and left. The huge smile I had upon entering the building clearly faded as I left.  
When I opened the packages, frowns started transforming to smiles and I was back to my passive self (which by the way is my normal state hehe). Everything inside was what I expected. I tried each item on and thankfully forgot about the fees I had to pay for it. :)
Thinking of wearing the boyfriend blazer for the Greater Good event tomorrow. Hmmm...

Which is your pick? :)



  1. I love the orange blazer! I'd love to own one for myself. I love how its so bright! Also love the shorts in the first photograph! Looks so comfortable!

  2. i am in LOVE with those damn shorts. PERFECT. Great picks doll, such a shame about the post office :(


  3. Customs fees are really bad. But those blazers are really worth those damn fees. Enjoy your package.

  4. I love the white blazer! Is so cute !

  5. Why is it that they asked you to pay 1,500 php? Haaaay. By the way, great finds you got there!

  6. hi, jjust want to ask, do they call you when the package has arrived? thanks

  7. Oh, what a bummer, but you got awesome stuff!


  8. Which customs post office did you get your package? I was afraid that this would happen.. and again.. since I ordered something from them too. Hayyyy. Johnny Air is the way to go talaga!

  9. Pay extra fees is not nice :( But hey I love the silver blazer, been meaning to get one. <3

  10. Ni order ko shorts from ROMWE abi ko i deliver sako haus dili diay? kwaon diay sa post office? :( batia oi.

  11. Gahhh, ganyan din yung nangyari sakin before when I got a package from an online shop in Australia :( Just wanna ask how many days or weeks do i get my package from romwe? Checked my tracking number through singpost at sabi dun its already in the phils two weeks ago pa :(

  12. Amazing, the blazers look awesome. I've been thinking of buying from Romwe from some time now, but am so afraid of how the Customs will mess it up somehow. When I was living in Beijing and sent some stuff home (receiving them after I arrived back in Manila), I had to pay like P40 for each of my boxes. Can't believe they made you pay P1500, that's too much! That's practically equal to another outfit on Romwe.