Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I've been finding a hard time spotting Large Ray-Ban aviators in gold frame--it was either in black or silver--and right after knowing SunglassesShop had it, I was excited! I dint let it slip.
This was shipped to me Jan. 26 and it was pretty surprising that it arrived all the way from UK today, in less than a week! Say whuut? Unbelievably fast, isn't it? 
It was very unexpected, but in a good way!

Im having late lunch with my friend Teena at 3, I better get ready!
And the rain stopped, which means...i can wear this today! :) 

By the way guys,  SunglassesShop and TWR is hosting a Vday giveaway tomorrow!
(see the teaser here)



Monday, January 30, 2012

VDay Giveaway :)


What an awkward walking shot :)))
My legs look like theyre about to break! LOL

 Lovely vintage accessories from Parfois.
My pick? The antique looking watch!

 Don't you just love the shorts? :)

Forgive me if I have not visited the nail salon. Haha!

My first ever detachable collar! Thank you Flatterbuy :)

Sequined top: SOUL (I have it in gray!)
Sequined collar: Flatterbuy
Jeweled shorts: ROMWE
Clutch: Parfois
All Accessories: Parfois
Photos: Rap Meting

I know January hasn't ended yet but I dont mind. I already am prepping for Vday! hihihi In fact, im starting with this outfit! 
This look is subtle and very dainty (perfect for Heart's day huh) but I added black details to give a little roughness to the delicate ensemble.  

 The detachable collar--very ingenious--and top are two of my favorites! If you noticed I have been wearing a lot of sequins and studs on my posts, I just cant get enough of 'em! And to be honest, I am VERY MUCH addicted those two! :)
The belt looks rockstaresque from afar but if you look closer you'll see that it the studs acre actually pearls! Deceiving, eh? :)

Hope you like it!



Pasta I made! Want some?

 I like plain ol' simple milk chocolate the most.
 Not dark, not white, no nuts, no fruits.

 I hate you Bread talk for this! It's so good I could finish more than one :(

 Ken's fave, fried Ravioli.

This cookie is so damn goooooood! Even better than the chocolate chip!

This is what I call snack. HAHAHA :))

I consumed everything in one afternoon! But the cake I couldn't finish anymore haha!
It started late lunch (2pm) and ended before dinner, sometime around 6pm? :D
Photos should have GUILTY written all over, shouldn't it?! hahaha 


My favorite.

 What was going through Ash's mind? 
Maybe this: "What the heck Cheys. Enough with the narcissism."

There are those days when you're bored as hell and a camera is the only thing you have for entertainment.
Well this was one of those times. hehe


Sunday, January 29, 2012
Family portrait? Haha

 My fave shot of them! 

 Pam's long earring. (Yes earring without an S haha!)

My fave tights, even if it makes my thighs look 3x bigger! lol

Hey guys! Meet my classmates / friends, Ash and Pam.
Ash is the I-dont-care-I-just-do-what-I-want type while Pam is the contrary. 
Pam's my shopping buddy while Ash is my food buddy! LOL
Wouldn't have survived first term in PSID without these two! hehe

We were bored in class so we played with the camera cam to entertain ourselves! 
(Photos were taken 2 weeks ago.)


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Trinoma was packed!

 What I wore :)

 With Ben Chan, owner of Bench. hihi

With the other correspondents.

A preview of what happened today at the Coke+Bench Big Youth Blowout! :)

What Im wearing:
Shorts: Sabrina
Bag: Parfois
Shoes: F&H


Friday, January 27, 2012

Cage Shoes: So! Fab
Lace Shorts: SOUL
Bag & Accessories: Parfois
photos by Rap Meting

I've always disliked orange considering how difficult such color is in terms of mixing and matching. Ironic, but recently I discovered a new found love for it! Enemies turned friends, best way to put it. 

 As you can see I stuck to warm colors--orange bag and maroon cage shoes--in this ensemble. But I softened it a bit with the help of my neutral colored shorts and sheer top, except the orange prints of course cause it's no way near neutral. (Cheys, seriously? HAHA) Forgive me. My mind isn't working well. I dont know what to write! Im just dead tired from school! HUHU :(

One tip I can share to you guys is to use neutrals whenever youre unsure.
This might be a little embarrassing but I have this quote which I made not so long ago:
"When in doubt, just 'neutralize'!"
HAHA CORNY? WTH! :)) But true, that saved me from a lot of fashion disasters!
 I couldnt stop laughing at myself now. This post is going nowhere but the road of senselessness. I better cut it here!
Getting some food first with hopes of fueling my brain even just a bit! haha :))

Anyway, how was your day guys? :)



Thursday, January 26, 2012
Ring from ROMWE

Wine selection at Gourmet Deli

Ahh.. Heaven.

Bought A LOT of  native accessories for those who ordered :)

Experimenting fish-eye effect. Still not mastering it. UGH.

A "lomo-ed" photo of me. 

No outfit post for today since I barely have time to do one (flight to Manila is in 3 hours), so Im leaving you guys some photos to look at while I'm inside the plane. hehe

Bye bye Davao! See you again in a month! :)


I took a photo of this crushed white chocolate cookie using a Canon IXUS 1100 point-and-shoot camera.

"To take good photos is to have the ability to translate mundanity into something riveting. 
It does not solely depend on the camera but also in the eye of the person and how he or she perceives things.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Would you believe I got these items 30-70% off their original prices? :) 
All I did in Davao was go around the malls and China Town to look for bargains. Yes I was successful, but of course with every high always comes a saddening low--an empty wallet in my case. 

These are just some of the items I got. Was not able to take a photo of everything :(
Bag: Parfois
Leaf & Butterfly Necklace: Accessorize
Notebook & Organizer: China Town
Turquoise Charms & Ring: China Town

To add to the sale frenzy, ROMWE is giving away 20% discount coupons in preparation for Vday! :)
Just use this code: V-day20%.
(Valid only from 7th-9th of Feb)