Thursday, January 5, 2012
For the first Saturday of January, SOUL Lifestyle is hosting the first ever soiree where young up&coming bloggers from the south (Davao & CDO) get to meet, chat and exchange fashion inspirations & experiences for the first time!
Lots of firsts! Great way to start the year, isn't it? 

I would love for you to partake in the Bloggers' Soiree thru dropping by SOUL Abreeza to meet other Davaoeno bloggers and witness a style challenge they will participate in with me! 

I have been waiting for so long to meet my readers and this would be a great first for us all! 
So get that pair of heels you've been saving for an occasion cause this Saturday, SOUL & I will be giving you a reason to dress up! :)

But wait, it only gets better...
2 of my readers get to sit with us--me and other bloggers--in a fashion show at Abreeza right after the soiree.
I will tweet tomorrow night (7-8 PM) how to win those 2 passes! 
Better be online on such time then! :)

I hope to see you all! 
Lets take photos and exchange twitpics!